2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannBump version number to 0.2.1 encore 0.2.1
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannDon't request list of games after login
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannMake FICS login accessible for QML
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannRemove too strict Qt dependency from Debian control
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannMake use of gameAdvertisements model in QML frontend
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannWrap Game::Seek into QML-friendly QAbstractItemModel
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannImplement forwarding of game advertisements to frontend
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannNew: Implement seek parsing in FICS backend
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannMove FICS classes into dedicated namespace
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannFix Harmattan packaging
2011-07-31 Michael HasselmannNew: QML-based frontend for Miniature
2011-07-31 Michael HasselmannNew: Miniature packaging
2011-07-31 Michael HasselmannAllow to inject FicsBackend into Dispatcher
2011-07-31 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::RecordCommand to send game records to frontend
2011-07-30 Michael HasselmannReimplement quit command and also provide LogoutCommand...
2011-07-30 Michael HasselmannMove communication between components from GameManager...
2011-07-29 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::Frontend skeleton to hook up QML-based UI
2011-07-29 Michael HasselmannRenamed Game::AbstractLink to Game::AbstractBackend
2011-07-28 Michael HasselmannRemove Game::AbstractParser
2011-07-28 Michael HasselmannStart to unify backends
2011-07-28 Michael HasselmannMerge Game::AbstractTokenizer into Game::LineReader
2011-07-27 Michael HasselmannLet GameManager use new command dispatcher for FICS...
2011-07-27 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::Dispatcher
2011-07-27 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::LoginCommand
2011-07-27 Michael HasselmannExtract Game::AbstractLink interface from FICS implemen...
2011-07-27 Michael HasselmannNew: FICS session log
2011-07-27 Michael HasselmannClean up FICS parsing slightly
2011-07-27 Michael HasselmannFix player's rating parsing for game records
2011-07-26 Michael HasselmannNew: Parse FICS game into Game::Record structure
2011-07-25 Michael HasselmannConfigure FICS prompt to be parser-friendly
2011-07-25 Michael HasselmannAdd documentation to Game::AbstractLink
2011-07-25 Michael HasselmannNew: Login to FICS with registered account
2011-07-25 Michael HasselmannUnify Game::AbstractSide
2011-07-25 Michael HasselmannSimplify Game::AbstractParser construction
2011-07-25 Michael HasselmannGet rid of Game::FicsParser
2011-07-25 Michael HasselmannAdd processToken to Game::AbstractParser API
2011-07-25 Michael HasselmannMoved side's onCommandFound up into Game::AbstractSide...
2011-07-25 Michael HasselmannLet Game::AbstractLink inherit from Game::AbstractParser
2011-07-25 Michael HasselmannShare Game::AbstractLink properly
2011-07-25 Michael HasselmannImplement run in {background, foreground} API for Game...
2011-07-25 Michael HasselmannAdd test API to Miniature::GameManager
2011-07-25 Michael HasselmannEnforce single-connect for local side's parser
2011-07-25 Michael HasselmannAllow to query active, local and remote side from Game...
2011-07-24 Michael HasselmannTransmit a command's payload as QByteArray, not QString
2011-07-24 Michael HasselmannEnable FICS login outside of tests
2011-07-24 Michael HasselmannRenamed moveStarted/Ended to turnStarted/Ended
2011-07-24 Michael HasselmannMove command handling for stuff that happens around...
2011-07-23 Michael HasselmannAdd new commands
2011-07-23 Michael HasselmannProvide factory for local input tokenizer
2011-07-23 Michael HasselmannNew: FICS guest login
2011-07-23 Michael HasselmannExtract line scanning from Game::LineReader
2011-07-23 Michael HasselmannUse LMT's \reimp, \reimp_end aliases.
2011-07-23 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::FicsSide skeleton
2011-07-23 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::FicsParser skeleton
2011-07-23 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::AbstractParser interface
2011-07-23 Michael HasselmannUse Game namespace for enums etc.
2011-07-22 Michael HasselmannAdd doxygen configuration
2011-07-22 Michael HasselmannDecouple Game::Game, Game::LocalSide from Game::Command...
2011-07-22 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::AbstractTokenizer interface
2011-07-21 Michael HasselmannRename Game::CommandParser::readInput to setEnabled
2011-07-21 Michael HasselmannPIMPLify Game::CommandParser
2011-07-21 Michael HasselmannNew: Miniature::GameManager skeleton
2011-07-21 Michael HasselmannFix header depedencies for Game::Move
2011-07-21 Michael HasselmannDisallow to restart a game instance
2011-07-21 Michael HasselmannRename script
2011-07-21 Michael HasselmannFilter excessive output from test cases
2011-07-21 Michael HasselmannFix potential crash in Game::LineReader when setting...
2011-07-21 Michael HasselmannFix Game::LineReader to handle multiple newlines per...
2011-07-21 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::CommandParser tests
2011-07-21 Michael HasselmannTurn gnuchess testcase into a QTestLib variant again
2011-07-21 Michael HasselmannAllow semi-direct input mode for Game::DirectInputDevice
2011-07-21 Michael HasselmannFix optional command line interface feature
2011-07-21 Michael HasselmannRenamed Game::CliParser to Game::CommandParser
2011-07-21 Michael HasselmannReplace Game::CliParser's threaded input handling with...
2011-07-21 Michael HasselmannNew: Async input tokenizer, operating on Game::DirectIn...
2011-07-21 Michael HasselmannNew: QIODevice-based unbuffered, non-blocking input...
2011-07-19 Michael HasselmannLet CLI instances operate on shared input
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannWrite a gnuchess test that actually works
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannAllow to disable command line interface dynamically
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannNew: Primitive gnuchess support
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannDisable python test
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannUse gnuchess backend as default remote side.
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannNew: Handshake for game sides, non-blocking input handling
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::ClipParser - a command line parser
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::GnuChess, a backend to play locally against...
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannFix class template
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannNew: Test move sequence for game
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannPIMPlify Game::Game
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannNew: Python script to drive CLI tests
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannPush move input handling into Game::LocalSide
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannAllow to inject sides into Game::Game c'tor
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannAdjust .gitignore
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannIntroduce Game::{Abstract, Local}Side to Game::Game
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannNew: Implement Game::LocalSide
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::AbstractSide to represent a side in the...
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::Move to represent a move in the game
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::Position to represent a position in a game
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::Square to represent chess squares
2011-07-17 Michael HasselmannNew: Set up basic project structure