last changeTue, 2 Mar 2010 20:15:23 +0000 (22:15 +0200)
2010-03-02 Michael HasselmannAdded half move to position logging logging master fremantle/0.1.7-1
2010-03-02 Michael HasselmannInsert newline between log messages
2010-03-02 Michael HasselmannAllow the game log to be shown during a game
2010-03-02 Michael HasselmannPrevent MPreGame from calling MMainWindow's action...
2010-03-02 Michael HasselmannQuick and dirty FEN conversion for MPosition
2010-02-25 Michael HasselmannIncluded new game log, at least for start screen
2010-02-25 Michael HasselmannAdded a nice game log
2010-02-22 Michael HasselmannRemove version requirement
2010-02-22 Michael HasselmannUse setEnabled() instead of hide() for breaking signal...
2010-02-22 Michael HasselmannAdapt to the new window rotation attributes
2010-02-09 Michael HasselmannUpdated debian changelog
2010-02-09 Michael HasselmannPrevent P2P mode from even showing the board
2010-02-04 Michael HasselmannAdded debian changelog stub for upcoming release
2010-02-04 Michael HasselmannMerge branch 'dashboard'
2010-02-04 Michael HasselmannAdded end-game UI and a "game menu" that can always... dashboard
2010-02-04 Michael HasselmannAdapt MBoardView to the fullscreen mode of local games
8 years ago fremantle/0.1.7-1 Version 0.7.1-1 released for Fremantle
8 years ago fremantle/0.1.5-1 Release 0.1.5
8 years ago fremantle/0.1.4-1 Release 0.1.4
8 years ago fremantle/0.1.3-1 Releasing 0.1.3
8 years ago maebar Miniature as it was shown (and...
8 years ago fremantle/0.1.2-1 Release Miniature 0.1.2
8 years ago fremantle/0.1.1-1 Release Miniature 0.1.1-1
8 years ago fremantle/0.1-1 Uploaded 0.1-1 to extras-devel
8 years ago p2p-telepathy
8 years ago logging
8 years ago master
8 years ago dashboard
8 years ago transitions-rewrite
8 years ago desktop
8 years ago qtbug-6265
8 years ago glossy-experiments