last changeTue, 30 Mar 2010 19:25:29 +0000 (12:25 -0700)
2010-03-30 Pavan Kulkarniredirect stderr to /dev/null master
2009-05-26 Jan FriedrichDelete old mini_exiftool.spec
2008-11-10 Jan FriedrichMaking MiniExiftool::Error public. Thanks to Mathias... v1.0.1
2008-09-12 Jan FriedrichVersion 1.0.0. v1.0.0
2008-09-12 Jan FriedrichTutorial updated.
2008-09-12 Jan FriedrichHandling of list tags as arrays.
2008-09-12 Jan FriedrichTesting list tags explicit.
2008-09-11 Jan FriedrichUsing the -sep option of exiftool if version greater...
2008-09-11 Jan FriedrichAdd method to_a to the tag values.
2008-09-11 Jan FriedrichList tags with more than one value are parsed as array.
2008-09-11 Jan FriedrichTag SubjectLocation is not longer an array value but...
2008-08-27 Jan FriedrichChanging location of PStore file from tempdir to home...
2008-08-27 Jan FriedrichAdapting test for SelfTimer change in Exiftool version...
2008-07-07 Jan FriedrichNew method MiniExiftool.opts for manupilationg the... v0.7.0
2008-05-16 Jan FriedrichVersion 0.6.0. v0.6.0
2008-05-07 Jan FriedrichMore tests for attribute heuristics with YAML serializa...
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