last changeTue, 20 Dec 2011 15:13:51 +0000 (15:13 +0000)
2011-12-20 Ray DonnellyFix ordering of libs so that python2.7 comes first... master
2011-12-18 Ray Donnelly--enable-unicode=ucs4 for Linux
2011-12-16 Ray Donnelly.gitignore setup
2011-11-23 Ray DonnellyFix for using newer ld on Windows
2011-11-22 Ray DonnellySwitch to a static python for Windows (done in python...
2011-11-12 Ray DonnellyForce sha* modules to be built
2011-10-21 Ray DonnellyBuild fix
2011-07-06 Ray DonnellyDitto, isfile() on in search_for_prefix
2011-07-06 Ray DonnellyPass , to configure, can add --with-pydebug
2011-07-06 Ray DonnellyDon't use PYTHONHOME unconditionally in search_for_exec...
2011-06-29 Ray DonnellySet sysroot, macosx-version-min and MAXOSX_DEPLOYMENT_T...
2011-06-28 Ray DonnellyMac OS X: sed Python2.7Mac -> Python2.7
2011-05-25 Ray DonnellyChange regen to do on /usr/include/limits.h...
2011-05-23 Ray DonnellyAutoconf 2.68 fixes
2011-05-21 Ray tidy ups and fixes
2011-05-21 Ray DonnellyMore Mac OS X fixes, arch, executable name vs Python...
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