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2015-03-04 Andrew Engelbrechtfixed old gitorious links master
2013-09-25 Andrew Engelbrechtupdate version to 0.1.1
2013-09-25 Andrew Engelbrechtcorrect texture license
2013-09-25 Andrew Engelbrechtbump to version 0.1
2013-09-25 Andrew Engelbrechtreorganize the directory structure a bit.
2013-09-25 Andrew Engelbrechtlist xplevels file path upon error
2013-09-25 Andrew Engelbrechtwork around nil player digging air on player death
2013-09-25 Andrew Engelbrechtupgrade the experium pick
2013-09-01 Andrew Engelbrechtchange the 'construction' skill to 'building'
2013-09-01 Andrew Engelbrechtadded game info into readme file
2013-09-01 Andrew Engelbrechtfixed bug from mt api change
2013-08-31 Andrew Engelbrechtinclude installation instructions
2012-10-24 Andrew Engelbrechtgeneralized drop function, for arbitrary scarcity
2012-10-24 Andrew Engelbrechtadded check for skill validity
2012-10-24 Andrew Engelbrechtclarified a function's purpose
2012-10-24 Andrew Engelbrechtadded missing spaces to logging strings.
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