make drops more frequent.
[minetest-xpmod:xp.git] / init.lua
2012-09-27 Andrew Engelbrechtmake drops more frequent.
2012-09-27 Andrew Engelbrechtimproved comment headers and a comment
2012-09-27 Andrew Engelbrechtremoved some old code
2012-09-27 Andrew Engelbrechtremove unneeded function
2012-09-27 Andrew Engelbrechtmoved file functions into another file
2012-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtset up the givexp privilege
2012-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechttreat lvls > max_level as max_level, when dropping
2012-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtuse minecraft's builtin pseudorandom number gen.
2012-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtinfinite max_level is crashy and unneeded.
2012-09-22 Andrew Engelbrechtcall this version 0.0.3
2012-09-22 Andrew Engelbrechtmake level advancement much saner.
2012-09-22 Andrew Engelbrechtmake mese drops more rare.
2012-09-22 Andrew Engelbrechtadded random drop of mese after digging.
2012-09-10 Andrew Engelbrechtthis is version 0.0.2
2012-09-10 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'more-xp-types'
2012-09-10 Andrew Engelbrechtlocalized all the variables in the .lua file
2012-09-10 Andrew Engelbrechtadded helpful log message when user gains xp
2012-09-10 Andrew Engelbrechtclarified xp levels messages
2012-09-10 Andrew Engelbrechtcheck if player exists and not if they're online
2012-09-10 Andrew Engelbrechtclarified some code
2012-09-10 Andrew Engelbrechtversions in the version string should be >= 1 char
2012-09-10 Andrew Engelbrechtuse 'stat' variable as a shorthand
2012-09-10 Andrew Engelbrechtxp thresholds are pre-calc'd for fast lookup
2012-09-10 Andrew Engelbrechtit is now possible to increment xp by > 1 point
2012-09-09 Andrew Engelbrechtadded README file, with links.
2012-09-09 Andrew EngelbrechtReorganized file, added comment section headers
2012-09-09 Andrew Engelbrechtimproved help text
2012-09-09 Andrew Engelbrecht/plusxp is now /givexp (call w/ username + skill)
2012-09-09 Andrew Engelbrechtallow letters in version string
2012-09-09 Andrew Engelbrechtbroke out a function in prep. for new callback.
2012-09-09 Andrew EngelbrechtParsing errors give more helpful error messages
2012-09-09 Andrew Engelbrechtmade the file name a variable
2012-09-09 Andrew Engelbrechtadded some helpful comments
2012-09-09 Andrew Engelbrechtadded construction xp. (may never be useful)
2012-09-09 Andrew Engelbrechtremoved message about +1 xp every time you dig
2012-09-09 Andrew Engelbrechtfixed crash when 'noob' player checked xp
2012-09-09 Andrew Engelbrechtadded skillsets (multiple xp/level counters)
2012-09-06 Andrew Engelbrechtremove some unneeded function calls
2012-09-06 Andrew Engelbrechtmake xp gain happen after digging, not on punch.
2012-09-06 Andrew Engelbrechtadded wtfpl license header
2012-09-06 Andrew Engelbrechtgain xp when punching a node
2012-09-06 Andrew Engelbrechttesting punch detection of arbitrary nodes
2012-09-05 Andrew Engelbrechtplayers can show xp with /showxp, gain w/ /plusxp
2012-09-05 Andrew Engelbrechtinitial commit, based on sethomes mod, 8033915df1