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last changeTue, 20 Aug 2013 15:23:04 +0000 (17:23 +0200)
2013-08-20 Nicolas Guilbertmultiarch support done in cmake instead of debian/... master
2013-08-20 lauraThe motor can turn 360 degrees.
2013-08-20 Nicolas Guilbertadded official specifications
2013-08-11 Nicolas Guilbertremove outdated debian/symbols file
2013-03-11 Nicolas GuilbertSensor now uses execute/interpret Command scheme
2013-03-04 Nicolas Guilbertintroduced Brick-based constructor for Sound and Sonar...
2013-03-02 Nicolas Guilbertmore namespacing and Brick d pointer
2013-02-14 Nicolas Guilbertcommand counter added to Brick
2013-02-14 Nicolas Guilbertnamespace cleanup
2013-02-14 Nicolas Guilbertmade Motor inherit from Sensor, since its state can...
2013-02-14 Nicolas Guilbertmove interpret method from Brick to Command
2013-02-14 Nicolas Guilbertrenaming of member variables
2013-02-12 Nicolas Guilbertupdated debian symbols file
2013-02-12 Nicolas Guilbertstarted extending execute/interpret scheme to Filesystem
2013-02-09 Nicolas GuilbertMotor now uses the template-based execute/interpret...
2013-02-09 Nicolas Guilbertsimplified Filesystem interface by introducing get_file...
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