Test JSON extraction
[microdatajs:microdatajs.git] / test / jquery.microdata.html
2011-10-29 Philip JägenstedtTest JSON extraction
2011-10-29 Philip JägenstedtUpdate getItems to match all types given
2011-10-29 Philip JägenstedtUpgrade to jQuery 1.6.4 and fix the IE6 breakage
2011-07-09 Philip JägenstedtUpgrade to jQuery 1.4.4
2011-07-07 Philip JägenstedtMerge updated .properties test from branch 'work/pedantic'
2011-07-07 Philip JägenstedtPedantically implement property crawling (for verification)
2011-07-06 Philip JägenstedtRevamp the property crawling algorithm to not remove...
2011-07-05 Philip JägenstedtMake tokenList not remove duplicates
2010-01-31 Philip JägenstedtjQuery microdata implementation