Test JSON extraction
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2011-10-29 Philip JägenstedtUpgrade to jQuery 1.6.4 and fix the IE6 breakage
2011-08-22 Philip JägenstedtFix the styling of <footer> in IE6
2011-08-12 Philip JägenstedtDrop RDF conversion algorithm
2011-08-02 Philip JägenstedtDetect and warn about the <meta> parsing bug (and hypot...
2011-07-31 Philip JägenstedtValidator.nu link in "toolbar"
2011-07-22 Philip JägenstedtMove the IE document.createElement trick to the preview...
2011-07-09 Philip JägenstedtUpgrade to jQuery 1.4.4
2011-07-07 Philip JägenstedtUpdate spec links
2011-07-03 Philip JägenstedtUse an <iframe> for preview, for correctness and isolation
2011-06-11 Philip JägenstedtAdd schema.org/Person example
2011-06-11 Philip JägenstedtAdd schema.org/Product example
2011-06-11 Philip JägenstedtAdd schema.org/Book example
2011-06-08 Philip JägenstedtUpdate spec links
2011-06-08 Philip JägenstedtLink to Gitorious from Live Microdata
2010-02-02 Philip Jägenstedtadd permalink to live microdata
2010-01-31 Philip Jägenstedtreplace demo/ with jQuery-based Live Microdata tool