Sync vCard itemref loop handling with spec
[microdatajs:microdatajs.git] / jquery.microdata.vcard.js
2011-07-08 Philip JägenstedtSync vCard itemref loop handling with spec
2011-07-07 Philip JägenstedtUpdate spec links
2011-07-06 Philip Jägenstedtvar $ = jQuery internally, because it's easier to read
2011-07-04 Philip JägenstedtChange Emacs modeline to use js-mode
2011-06-08 Philip JägenstedtAdd <track> as a URL property element with itemprop...
2011-06-08 Philip JägenstedtUpdate spec links
2010-06-27 Philip JägenstedtRemove broken name guessing from vCard
2010-01-31 Philip JägenstedtjQuery microdata implementation