2009-11-28 Philip Jägenstedtmore tests from DOMTokenList
2009-11-27 Philip Jägenstedttest for duplicate tokens in @itemprop
2009-11-27 Philip Jägenstedtsimplify token list tests
2009-11-27 Philip Jägenstedtextract JSON with a little help from JSON.stringify
2009-11-13 Philip Jägenstedtyes, the title element is defined as the first title...
2009-11-13 Philip Jägenstedtmake IE handle audio/video/time
2009-11-13 Philip Jägenstedtdon't do anything if document.getItems is already available
2009-11-12 Philip Jägenstedtrename methods to getVCard(node)/getICal(node) and...
2009-11-11 Philip Jägenstedtimplement vEvent extractor
2009-11-11 Philip Jägenstedtsmall fixes for vCard extractor
2009-11-11 Philip Jägenstedtmake .itemProp emulate DOMSettableTokenList
2009-11-11 Philip Jägenstedtadd tests for HTMLPropertiesCollection.names
2009-11-11 Philip Jägenstedtminor code cleanup
2009-11-10 Philip JägenstedtvCard extractor implemented on top of microdata DOM API
2009-11-10 Philip Jägenstedtfix itemValue reflection for <time datetime>
2009-11-10 Philip Jägenstedtcompare tag names case-insensitively
2009-11-09 Philip JägenstedtHTMLElement.properties seemingly working as per spec...
2009-11-08 Philip Jägenstedtitemref partially working, but deleting nodes not prope...
2009-11-07 Philip Jägenstedtlive getItems seemingly working, .properties partially...
2009-11-06 Philip Jägenstedtfix test page title
2009-11-06 Philip Jägenstedtrewrote tests using qunit
2009-08-21 Philip Jägenstedttest subject attribute
2009-08-21 Philip Jägenstedtignore ~ backup files
2009-08-20 Philip Jägenstedtbasic tests
2009-08-20 Philip Jägenstedtinitial mockup