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2012-05-26 Philip JägenstedtUse encodeURIComponent for the "Download it!" links
2012-05-26 Philip JägenstedtDrop itemid from vCard conversion
2011-12-12 Philip JägenstedtLICENSE typo
2011-11-01 Philip JägenstedtUse strict mode
2011-11-01 Philip Jägenstedt'Consistency'
2011-10-30 Philip JägenstedtOops: itemValue support check
2011-10-29 Philip JägenstedtReplace <time> with <data>
2011-10-29 Philip JägenstedtTest JSON extraction
2011-10-29 Philip JägenstedtQUnit s/equals/equal/ and s/same/deepEqual/
2011-10-29 Philip JägenstedtSupport .contains() on token lists (itemType, itemProp...
2011-10-29 Philip JägenstedtUpdate getItems to match all types given
2011-10-29 Philip JägenstedtUpgrade to jQuery 1.6.4 and fix the IE6 breakage
2011-10-29 Philip JägenstedtIE6 is my browser of choice, because it is awesome
2011-10-28 Philip JägenstedtHandle multiple types in itemType and JSON conversion
2011-10-28 Philip JägenstedtQUnit 1.1.0
13 years ago v0.1.0 Initial release. Undocumented....
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