2011-08-03 Philip JägenstedtAdd <!doctype> and <title> for validator where possible master
2011-08-03 Philip JägenstedtMissing itemscope in schema.org/Book example
2011-08-02 Philip JägenstedtDetect and warn about the <meta> parsing bug (and hypot...
2011-07-31 Philip JägenstedtValidator.nu link in "toolbar"
2011-07-26 Philip JägenstedtDo fragment escaping for RDF as per spec
2011-07-22 Philip Jägenstedtpunctuation
2011-07-22 Philip JägenstedtMove the IE document.createElement trick to the preview...
2011-07-21 Philip JägenstedtRefactor updateTabs to not switch on index
2011-07-21 Philip JägenstedtDon't call $(document).attr('lang'), newer jQuery doesn...
2011-07-09 Philip JägenstedtAdd <track> itemValue test
2011-07-09 Philip JägenstedtUpgrade to jQuery 1.4.4
2011-07-09 Philip JägenstedtIE6 doesn't have Array.indexOf (it is silly)
2011-07-08 Philip JägenstedtSync vCard itemref loop handling with spec
2011-07-08 Philip JägenstedtSync RDF itemref loop handling with spec
2011-07-08 Philip JägenstedtSync JSON itemref loop handling with spec
2011-07-07 Philip JägenstedtMerge updated .properties test from branch 'work/pedantic'
2011-07-07 Philip JägenstedtPedantically implement property crawling (for verification)
2011-07-07 Philip JägenstedtUpdate spec links
2011-07-07 Philip JägenstedtHandle itemref loops in RDF conversion
2011-07-07 Philip JägenstedtOops, pushed the wrong element for JSON itemref stack
2011-07-06 Philip JägenstedtUse Array.indexOf instead of jQuery.inArray (it is...
2011-07-06 Philip Jägenstedtvar $ = jQuery internally, because it's easier to read
2011-07-06 Philip JägenstedtHandle itemref loops in JSON conversion
2011-07-06 Philip JägenstedtRemove unnecessary sorting from property crawling algorithm
2011-07-06 Philip JägenstedtUse element.properties in $(element).properties()
2011-07-06 Philip JägenstedtRevamp the property crawling algorithm to not remove...
2011-07-05 Philip JägenstedtUse element.itemId in $(element).itemId()
2011-07-05 Philip JägenstedtUse element.itemType in $(element).itemType()
2011-07-05 Philip JägenstedtUse element.itemScope in $(element).itemScope()
2011-07-05 Philip JägenstedtUse element.itemProp in $(element).itemProp()
2011-07-05 Philip JägenstedtUse element.itemRef in $(element).itemRef()
2011-07-05 Philip JägenstedtMake tokenList not remove duplicates
2011-07-05 Philip JägenstedtUse element.getValue in $(element).getValue()
2011-07-04 Philip JägenstedtUse document.getItems() in $(document).getItems()
2011-07-04 Philip JägenstedtChange Emacs modeline to use js-mode
2011-07-04 Philip JägenstedtUse [0] instead of .get(0)
2011-07-03 Philip JägenstedtMissing preload.html for the <iframe> rewrite
2011-07-03 Philip JägenstedtDrop the native API emulation
2011-07-03 Philip JägenstedtZero-pad the DTSTAMP for iCal
2011-07-03 Philip JägenstedtLook for itemref'd elements in the home subtree, as...
2011-07-03 Philip JägenstedtUse an <iframe> for preview, for correctness and isolation
2011-06-16 Philip JägenstedtSupport a custom formatting function for JSON
2011-06-15 Philip JägenstedtUpdate more WHATWG spec URLs
2011-06-15 Philip JägenstedtRemove RDF prettification of w3.org/1999/xhtml/microdata#
2011-06-11 Philip JägenstedtAdd schema.org/Person example
2011-06-11 Philip JägenstedtAdd schema.org/Product example
2011-06-11 Philip JägenstedtRemove RDF prettification of w3.org/1999/xhtml/microdata#
2011-06-11 Philip JägenstedtAdd schema.org/Book example
2011-06-08 Philip JägenstedtAdd <track> as a URL property element with itemprop...
2011-06-08 Philip JägenstedtUpdate spec links
2011-06-08 Philip JägenstedtLink to Gitorious from Live Microdata
2011-03-09 Philip JägenstedtREADME and LICENSE
2010-06-27 Philip JägenstedtRemove broken name guessing from vCard
2010-02-16 Philip Jägenstedtfix same subStr typo in plain version
2010-02-16 Philip Jägenstedttypo: subStr -> substr
2010-02-02 Philip JägenstedtRDF extraction: use parent itemtype as fallback type
2010-02-02 Philip Jägenstedtdon't generate RDF triples for the document by default
2010-02-02 Philip Jägenstedtmake jQuery interface read-only
2010-02-02 Philip Jägenstedtadd permalink to live microdata
2010-02-02 Philip Jägenstedtuse charset=UTF-8 instead of encoding=utf-8 in download...
2010-01-31 Philip Jägenstedtmake .properties() more tolerant v0.1.0
2010-01-31 Philip Jägenstedtreplace demo/ with jQuery-based Live Microdata tool
2010-01-31 Philip JägenstedtjQuery microdata implementation
2010-01-30 Philip Jägenstedtclean up file names
2010-01-30 Philip JägenstedtMerge branch 'work/itemref-20100118'
2010-01-24 Philip Jägenstedtimage gallery example from spec
2010-01-24 Philip Jägenstedtmake RDF conversion output OWL triples instead of rewri...
2010-01-24 Philip JägenstedtitemRef is now a DOMSettableTokenList, fix usage accord...
2010-01-23 Philip Jägenstedttypo: itemprop -> itemtype
2010-01-23 Philip Jägenstedtrename example file to match the others
2010-01-23 Philip JägenstedtDrop support for live collections
2010-01-23 Philip JägenstedtLive Microdata playground
2010-01-22 Philip Jägenstedtimplement new algorithm for finding properties of an...
2010-01-21 Philip Jägenstedtremove non-existant stylesheet
2010-01-21 Philip Jägenstedtfix URL reflection when the content attribute isn't...
2010-01-19 Philip JägenstedtSalvage useful test rewrite from branch 'work/getCorres...
2010-01-19 Philip Jägenstedtmake itemRef DOMSettableTokenList
2010-01-19 Philip Jägenstedtitemtype is relfected as an opaque string, not a URL
2010-01-18 Philip JägenstedtUse fixed getCalendar script directly from spec example
2010-01-18 Philip Jägenstedtuse new Jack Bauer example with fixed line wrapping
2010-01-18 Philip Jägenstedtupdate qunit submodule to origin/master
2010-01-17 Philip Jägenstedtremove stray debugging data
2010-01-17 Philip Jägenstedtfix typo in creative commons prefix
2010-01-17 Philip JägenstedtWorks demo based on whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current...
2010-01-17 Philip JägenstedtvEvent demo using my own conversion algorithm
2010-01-17 Philip JägenstedtJSON demo using the Jack Bauer example
2010-01-17 Philip JägenstedtRDF/Turtle demo using the Jack Bauer example
2010-01-17 Philip JägenstedtvEvent demo adapted from whatwg.org/specs/web-apps...
2010-01-17 Philip JägenstedtvCard demo
2010-01-17 Philip Jägenstedtfix dublin core prefixes
2010-01-17 Philip Jägenstedtsupport rewriting of the n.whatwg.org/work RDF triples
2010-01-17 Philip Jägenstedtmerge Blank with URI to enable rewriting blanks to...
2010-01-17 Philip Jägenstedtremove fancy NodeList.forEach that doesn't work in FF
2010-01-17 Philip Jägenstedtremove trailing whitespace
2009-12-23 Philip Jägenstedtmake pretty-printed Turtle configurable via argument...
2009-12-22 Philip Jägenstedtimplement RDF extraction in Turtle format
2009-12-01 Philip Jägenstedtcheck that item.properties and friends don't return...
2009-11-29 Philip Jägenstedtexperiment with reversed algorithm for associating...
2009-11-29 Philip Jägenstedtimplement DOMTokenList stringification
2009-11-29 Philip Jägenstedttest DOMTokenList stringification