last changeWed, 3 Aug 2011 14:20:25 +0000 (16:20 +0200)
2011-08-03 Philip JägenstedtAdd <!doctype> and <title> for validator where possible master
2011-08-03 Philip JägenstedtMissing itemscope in example
2011-08-02 Philip JägenstedtDetect and warn about the <meta> parsing bug (and hypot...
2011-07-31 Philip Jä link in "toolbar"
2011-07-26 Philip JägenstedtDo fragment escaping for RDF as per spec
2011-07-22 Philip Jägenstedtpunctuation
2011-07-22 Philip JägenstedtMove the IE document.createElement trick to the preview...
2011-07-21 Philip JägenstedtRefactor updateTabs to not switch on index
2011-07-21 Philip JägenstedtDon't call $(document).attr('lang'), newer jQuery doesn...
2011-07-09 Philip JägenstedtAdd <track> itemValue test
2011-07-09 Philip JägenstedtUpgrade to jQuery 1.4.4
2011-07-09 Philip JägenstedtIE6 doesn't have Array.indexOf (it is silly)
2011-07-08 Philip JägenstedtSync vCard itemref loop handling with spec
2011-07-08 Philip JägenstedtSync RDF itemref loop handling with spec
2011-07-08 Philip JägenstedtSync JSON itemref loop handling with spec
2011-07-07 Philip JägenstedtMerge updated .properties test from branch 'work/pedantic'
8 years ago v0.1.0 Initial release. Undocumented....
6 years ago master