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2010-08-12 Sean HammondFix a mistake in the previous commit. master
2010-08-12 Sean HammondImplement deleting messages with rm command.
2010-08-07 Sean HammondAdd a TODO to the README
2010-08-07 Sean HammondTypo.
2010-08-07 Sean HammondTell github to render the readme as markdown.
2010-08-07 Sean HammondAdd python_twitter and simplejson.
2010-08-07 Sean HammondAdd a README.
2010-08-07 Sean HammondShorter help message when called with no args.
2010-08-07 Sean HammondGet rid of TypeErrors by accepting multiple arguments...
2010-08-07 Sean HammondEnable lsfeatured.
2010-08-07 Sean HammondImplement direct messaging commands.
2010-08-07 Sean HammondRaise TypeError rather than calling sys.exit() all...
2010-08-07 Sean HammondDeleted a fixed FIXME.
2010-08-07 Sean HammondBug fix: Saved lastid's should be specific to the funct...
2010-08-02 Sean HammondAdd a TODO list in the module docstring.
2010-08-01 Sean HammondTweaks to the usage.
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