last changeSat, 28 Feb 2009 09:05:11 +0000 (04:05 -0500)
2009-02-28 Walter MundtAdd ability for posting via xmpp bot master
2009-02-26 Walter MundtAdd post publish via plaintext xmpp relay bot
2009-02-26 Walter MundtAdded basic XMPP pubsub support
2009-02-24 Walter MundtRemove additional reply-related cruft.
2009-02-23 Walter MundtDrop reply feature and message length limit to be more...
2009-02-22 Walter MundtAdded site-wide recent activity on main page for guests
2009-02-22 Walter MundtAdd entry detail view
2009-02-22 Walter MundtClean up models by moving some display logic into custo...
2009-02-22 Walter MundtAdded user feeds and reply capability to interface.
2009-02-21 Walter MundtAdd 'follow' link support, index pages
2009-02-21 Walter MundtAdd basic posting and profile display.
2009-02-21 Walter MundtAdd copyright notices
2009-02-21 Walter MundtAdd registration, finish model for tagged entries
2009-02-21 Walter MundtStart work in microblog
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