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2012-04-22 Peter Rhonedelete unused dependencies master
2012-04-22 Peter Rhonenow uses triangles instead of quads, smaller files...
2012-04-19 Peter Rhonefix backwards normals
2012-04-19 Peter Rhoneadded saving normals to pvtk output
2012-04-19 Peter Rhonevastly improved appearance of tubes, cleaned up math
2012-04-17 Peter Rhoneless debug output
2012-04-17 Peter Rhonefix for NaN in pvtk output when diff. vector has length 0
2012-04-17 Peter Rhoneadded ability to save sqlite dumps from volv
2010-08-06 Peter Rhoneremoved crufty files
2010-08-06 Peter Rhoneadded default values to help text
2010-08-06 Peter Rhoneinitial commit
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