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2008-10-15 Aymeric Mansouxcleaning repos master
2007-05-16 Aymeric Mansouxarrival animation fixed !!!
2007-05-16 Aymeric Mansouxnew scale + correct clip
2007-05-15 Aymeric Mansouxsmaller scale + new arrival anim + new birth mark
2007-05-15 Marloes de... put it back the way it is
2007-05-15 Marloes de... removed m-push m-pop from death and arrival anim
2007-05-15 Marloes de... even more high travel threshold in
2007-05-15 Marloes de... upped the travel threshold some more
2007-05-15 Aymeric Mansouxtrans fix
2007-05-15 Marloes de... travel check is adjusted so they cannot have an 'always...
2007-05-14 Aymeric Mansouxnew arrival and death animations
2007-05-14 Marloes de... updated interface files to match new network system
2007-05-14 Marloes de... removed interface network
2007-05-14 Marloes de... added network file
2007-05-14 Marloes de... updated
2007-05-14 Marloes de... moved network and network-2 to archives
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15 years ago go_forth-1.0-Natural_Habitat@569 friendly name
15 years ago go_forth-1.0-Natural_Habitat@352 friendly name
15 years ago go_forth-1.0-Natural_Habitat@350 NH branch
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