2013-11-09 Sylvain BeuclerFix doc for DATADIR
2013-11-09 Sylvain Beuclerv1.3 v1.3
2013-10-21 Sylvain BeuclerRemote unused 'xprintf' function that triggered GCC...
2013-10-13 Sylvain BeuclerAllow *FLAGS additions from environment
2013-01-12 Sylvain BeuclerAdd alternative game instructions for Android android-0.0.2
2013-01-12 Sylvain BeuclerAndroid: fix configuration screen timeout and clarify...
2013-01-12 Sylvain BeuclerAdd note that Meritous is free software
2013-01-12 Sylvain BeuclerAdd NEWS file
2013-01-12 Sylvain BeuclerMore precise declaration for title screen effect variables
2013-01-12 Sylvain BeuclerProperly handle helpfile.txt ending with a newline
2013-01-12 Sylvain BeuclerUpdate .gitignore
2013-01-12 Sylvain BeuclerAllow to skip the intro animation
2013-01-12 Sylvain Beucler'make clean' doesn't fail when there's nothing to clean
2013-01-12 Sylvain BeuclerAdd a .gitignore file
2013-01-12 Sylvain BeuclerAdd me in the credits
2013-01-12 Sylvain BeuclerMove reference to music files
2013-01-12 Sylvain BeuclerSwitch to Unix EOL
2012-12-28 Sylvain BeuclerAdd build files for libsdl-android android-0.0.1
2012-12-28 Sylvain BeuclerUse less stack memory, so it works on Android
2012-12-28 Bart Martensfix undefined reference
2012-12-28 Dylan R. E... make music optional
2012-12-28 Dylan R. E... fix enter on help
2012-12-28 Dylan R. E... boss 1 overflow
2012-12-28 Dylan R. E... update version
2012-12-28 Sylvain BeuclerImport v1.2, minus non-free music