last changeFri, 25 Sep 2009 22:33:39 +0000 (23:33 +0100)
2009-09-25 David GreavesFixed poor git merge Mer
2009-09-25 David GreavesMerge branch 'master' into Mer
2009-09-25 David GreavesMerge branch 'upstream' master
2009-09-15 lbtdpkg can't read a control file that ends with a blank... upstream
2009-09-15 lbtSupport running a build.script for dsc builds as an...
2009-09-08 mlschroe- adapt selfprovides test for rpm-4.7
2009-09-08 mlschroe- revert disttag for real
2009-09-07 AdrianSuSEhandle extractbuild failure as bad build host failure.
2009-09-04 AdrianSuSExm commands got fixed meanwhile, so we mark a build...
2009-09-02 oertelchangelog2spec: further escape %... statements if at...
2009-08-21 AdrianSuSEask for reports
2009-08-21 AdrianSuSEadd check for another running xen instance just before...
2009-08-19 MartinMohring-added: baselib support for dpkg based targets.
2009-08-18 dl9pfAdd support for --overlay and --rsync-{src,dest} to...
2009-08-18 Marcus_H- first part of the "inject-local-packagedata" patch
2009-08-18 MartinMohring- fixed: in case debtransform is no called SOURCES...
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