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2009-09-23 Patrick Aljordorder comments by created_at master
2009-09-23 Patrick Aljordlink to actual openid
2009-09-23 Patrick Aljordfix date bug in post
2009-09-22 Patrick Aljordfix comment preview
2009-09-15 Patrick Aljordremoved compiled css
2009-09-15 Patrick Aljordadded support for googlean
2009-09-15 Patrick Aljordadd author params to atom root url
2009-09-11 Jorge CuadradoFix footer position stylize
2009-09-11 Jorge Cuadradoadded fluid style and allow configuring style by using...
2009-09-11 Jorge Cuadradoseparate the application.sass in partials:
2009-09-11 Jorge Cuadradouse sass for stylesheets and added compass
2009-09-11 Patrick Aljordmake default width a bit bigger
2009-09-11 Patrick Aljorduse rails 2.3.4
2009-09-08 Patrick Aljordshow fullname in page title
2009-09-08 Patrick Aljordgot rid of warning for good on previews, added fonts...
2009-09-08 Patrick Aljordrollback warning fixes
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