last changeTue, 15 Jun 2010 17:04:22 +0000 (18:04 +0100)
2010-06-15 Fred Emmottadd missing unversions c library symlinks master
2010-06-15 Fred Emmottfix copies-instead-of-symlinks for soname aliases in...
2010-06-14 Fred Emmottadd zookeeper C library
2010-05-28 Fred Emmottcorrect zkCli wrapper script to not refer to $(DESTDIR)
2010-05-28 Fred Emmott0mendeley2: update timestamp on changelog, done
2010-05-28 Fred Emmott0mendeley2-wip: Create /usr/bin/zkCli wrapper
2010-05-28 Fred Emmott0mendeley2-wip: merge postinst and zookeeper.postinst...
2010-05-28 Fred Emmott0mendeley2-wip: Remove unused example files
2010-05-28 Fred Emmott0mendeley2 wip - move pidfile to /var/run/zookeeper
2010-05-28 Fred Emmott0mendeley2 wip - Use /etc/zookeeper/conf, not /etc...
2010-05-28 Fred Emmott0mendeley2 wip - use the alternatives system for config
2010-05-28 Fred Emmott0mendeley2 WIP - split into zookeeper and libzookeeper...
2010-05-26 Fred Emmottadd .gitignore
2010-05-26 Fred EmmottUpdated a few hardcoded version numbers in rules
2010-05-26 Fred EmmottDESTDIR variable fix
2010-05-26 Fred EmmottBump patches to compatibility with zookeeper 3.3.1...
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