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2009-10-26 Holger Hans... index.html: Mention the 0.6.2 release of memprof master
2009-10-26 Holger Hans... index.html: Point to the gitorious site for the sourcecode
2009-10-26 Holger Hans... index.html: libgnomeui was removed by Soeren Sandman
2009-06-08 Holger Hans... Point to the git repository and new release section
2009-06-08 Holger Hans... Mention the fork and change contact email address
2009-06-08 Holger Hans... Clean whitespace
2007-09-04 Søren Sandmann... Add MAINTAINERS
2006-08-07 Søren Sandmann... Updates for 0.6
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2003-06-12 Owen TaylorUpdate download links
2002-09-14 Kristian RietveldTypo fixes, moved screenshots to screenshots section...
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2002-09-13 Owen TaylorImport of memprof web stuff into CVS.
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