last changeThu, 15 Apr 2010 08:40:41 +0000 (10:40 +0200)
2010-04-15 Holger Hans... Remove ill-fated debug messages. master
2010-04-15 Holger Hans... memprof: Start recording only if we were recording...
2010-04-15 Holger Hans... Do not use deprecated GDK functionality.
2010-04-15 Holger Hans... Compile with GSEAL_ENABLE in preparation for GNOME 3.0
2010-03-29 Holger Hans... src/main.c: Make it possible to pass options to the...
2010-03-29 Holger Hans... Merge remote branch 'gnome/master'
2010-03-09 Holger Hans... main.c: Add some more skip funcs, order them by library
2010-03-09 Holger Hans... main.c: Skip g_memdup... it is used by GStreamer a...
2010-03-09 Holger Hans... main.c: Fixup in case the contains malloc or similiar...
2010-03-09 Holger Hans... leakdetect.c: Update for newer kernels
2010-02-02 Holger Hans... Saving leak files twice makes memprof crash
2010-01-18 Holger Hans... main.c: Fix a crash when clearing a profile
2010-01-18 Holger Hans... Revert "server.c: Fix warning the use of `mktemp' is...
2010-01-18 Holger Hans... server.c: Print the socket error to the terminal
2009-12-05 Juan A. Suarez... leakdetect.c: Fix warning about wrong format types
2009-12-05 Juan A. Suarez... server.c: Fix warning the use of `mktemp' is dangerous
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