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last changeSun, 28 Oct 2012 11:12:54 +0000 (12:12 +0100)
2012-10-28 Yohan Boniface[mod] Move europe map in static master
2012-10-28 Yohan Boniface[mod] Move settings to project
2012-10-28 Yohan Boniface[fix #437] Align committees label
2012-10-28 Yohan Boniface[mod] Remove (now in the project repo)
2012-10-28 Yohan Boniface[mod] Warning in the README file about the refactoring
2012-10-28 Yohan Boniface[mod] Add templates dirs in
2012-10-28 Yohan Boniface[mod] First host in moving apps to separate repository
2012-10-27 Yohan BonifaceMv out templates from the project
2012-10-27 Laurent Peuch[mod] move static files related to meps in meps app
2012-10-25 Laurent Peuch[fix] only list actives meps from countries/groups...
2012-10-25 Laurent PeuchMerge branch 'master' of
2012-10-25 Laurent Peuch[fix] correct link to groups image in dropdown menu
2012-10-25 Laurent Peuch[enh] make mep name cliquable in listing
2012-10-25 Laurent Peuch[enh] link to meps by name in the menu
2012-10-25 Laurent Peuch[fix] we don't have the group of some meps :(
2012-10-25 Laurent Peuch[mod] remove trailing spaces
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