last changeThu, 11 Mar 2010 16:54:06 +0000 (22:24 +0530)
2010-03-11 Roopesh Chanderdisable double clicking on the listview in the edit... master
2010-03-11 Roopesh Chanderbetter moving of items
2010-03-11 Roopesh Chanderuse ordered images for testing moving of images
2010-02-24 Roopesh ChanderLooks like setSpacing is buggy for iconViews? Let's...
2010-02-24 Roopesh Chanderderive paint area size and sizeHint from a common stati...
2010-02-24 Roopesh Chanderrefactoring: move list view intitialization to the...
2010-02-24 Roopesh Chanderthe sizehintrole is lying and is not used. the delegate...
2010-02-11 Roopesh Chanderdo not even try to load non-image files
2010-02-11 Roopesh Chanderremove unused obsolete methods
2010-02-11 Roopesh ChanderUse the timer optimally
2010-02-11 Roopesh Chanderkeep the title in the center even while it's getting...
2010-02-10 Roopesh Chandershow a nice effect after loading the thumbnail
2010-02-08 Roopesh Chanderedit title dialog
2010-02-07 Roopesh Chanderstart adding a context menu for the items
2010-01-31 Roopesh Chanderthumbnail the images in threads (using QtConcurrent)
2010-01-31 Roopesh Chanderuse addImagesFromFiles for startup images too
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