[meegotouch:thierrys-libmeegotouch.git] / src / extensions / extensions.pro
2010-10-07 Thierry Bastianoops
2010-10-07 Thierry BastianFixes to the build process on Windows
2010-06-02 Ville VoutilainenNew: DUI-2701 Implement reloading of applets and applic...
2010-04-23 Daniel d'AndradaMerge commit 'origin/master'
2010-04-23 Armin BerresChanges: add missing dependencies
2010-04-12 Tomas JunnonenChanges: Renamed dui to meegotouch
2010-04-06 Vesa HalttunenChanges: Added missing QT += xml
2010-04-01 Tomas JunnonenChanges: Modularized libdui