last changeThu, 3 Nov 2011 01:27:23 +0000 (09:27 +0800)
2011-11-03 Raymond LiuThis project had been merged into : master
2011-06-09 Raymond LiuWhen run config, should only stop when both GTK2/3...
2011-06-09 Jon NordbyAllow building both Gtk2 and Gtk3 modules.
2011-06-09 Jon NordbyAdd --with-gtk=2.0|3.0 configure option
2011-06-09 Claudio SaavedraFake a device to avoid GDK complains
2011-06-09 Claudio SaavedraMeeGoIMContextDbusObj cleanups
2011-05-26 Claudio SaavedraConsistency fixes in the dbus introspection files 2
2011-05-26 Claudio SaavedraCorrect the method signature for meego_imcontext_dbus_s...
2011-05-26 Claudio SaavedraAnnotate new DBus interface parameters
2011-04-25 Raymond LiuBump to 0.2.3
2011-04-25 Claudio SaavedraStore the private DBus connection in MeegoIMContextDbusObj
2011-04-25 Claudio Saavedra Fix the interfaces of the IM client object
2011-04-25 Claudio SaavedraUpdates in the proxy to reflect the server interface...
2010-08-20 Raymond LiuWorkaround a build issue for glib >= 2.25
2010-07-13 Raymond LiuRename package
2010-05-19 Raymond Liuadd en to im info
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