last changeFri, 10 Feb 2012 14:03:07 +0000 (16:03 +0200)
2012-02-10 Erkki SeppäläChangelog: 1.5 master maemo/1.5
2012-02-07 Erkki Seppäläxdebug: automatically work with the old coredumps as...
2012-02-07 Erkki Seppäläxdebug: --tps now works again with the more precise...
2012-02-07 Erkki Seppäläxdebug: use the new more precise timestamps
2012-02-06 Erkki Seppäläxdebug: added ability to write produced trace into...
2012-02-06 Erkki Seppäläxdebug: add a timestamp similar to kernel and X timestamps
2012-01-26 Erkki SeppäläChangelog: 1.4 maemo/1.4
2012-01-26 Erkki Seppäläxdebug: avoid excess work while searching for swap...
2012-01-25 Rami YlimäkiChangelog: 1.3 maemo/1.3
2012-01-19 Rami YlimäkiFixed association of flip traces to originating buffer...
2012-01-19 Erkki Seppäläsgxtrace: added variable timestamp for expessions
2012-01-19 Erkki Seppäläadded sgxtrace --reverse to list trace entries newest...
2012-01-19 Erkki Seppäläadded sgxtrace --tps to evaluate the number of traces...
2012-01-19 Erkki SeppäläXorg-gdb now parses options
2012-01-19 Erkki SeppäläRevert "xdebug: various enhancement to sgxtrace"
2012-01-19 Erkki Seppäläxdebug: various enhancement to sgxtrace
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