Add debian/api file for API management
[meego-w40:libxv.git] /
2010-10-01 Oliver McFaddenMerge remote branch 'fdo/master' into debian-unstable
2010-07-08 Alan Coopersmithconfig: upgrade to util-macros 1.8 for additional man...
2010-03-29 Gaetan Nadonconfig: update AC_PREREQ statement to 2.60
2009-11-24 Timo AaltonenMerge branch 'debian-unstable' of ../../xsfbs into...
2009-11-24 Timo AaltonenMerge commit 'libXv-1.0.5' into debian-unstable
2009-10-27 Gaetan NadonDeploy the new XORG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS #24242
2009-10-21 Jeremy HuddlestonThis is not a GNU project, so declare it foreign.
2009-10-03 Alan CoopersmithlibXv 1.0.5 libXv-1.0.5
2009-10-03 Alan CoopersmithMigrate to xorg macros 1.3 & XORG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS
2009-08-01 Brice GoglinMerge branch 'debian-unstable' of git://git.debian...
2009-05-10 Alan CoopersmithAdjust flags definitions to fix lint library build
2009-02-02 Paulo Cesar Pereir... Janitor: make distcheck, compiler warnings, .gitignore.
2008-06-13 Brice GoglinMerge branch 'debian-unstable' of git://git.debian...
2008-03-18 Julien CristauMerge into debian...
2008-03-18 Julien CristauMerge tag 'libXv-1.0.4' of
2008-03-18 Alan CoopersmithVersion bump: 1.0.4 libXv-1.0.4
2007-04-12 Julien CristauMerge branch 'xsfbs-unstable' of ../../xsfbs into debia...
2007-02-02 Julien CristauMerge branch 'upstream-experimental' into debian-experi...
2006-12-15 Daniel Stonebump to 1.0.3 libXv-1.0.3
2006-09-26 David Nusinow* New upstream release libxv-1_1.0.2-1
2006-09-25 Alan CoopersmithBump version number to 1.0.2 libXv-1.0.2
2006-09-18 Alan CoopersmithAdd hooks for running code checkers like sparse & lint...
2005-12-30 David NusinowVendor drop of proto and lib for 7.0
2005-12-21 Kevin E MartinUpdate package version for X11R7 release. XORG-7_0 XORG-7_0_99_901 XORG-7_1
2005-12-15 Kevin E MartinUpdate package version number for final X11R7 release... XORG-6_99_99_904
2005-12-03 Kevin E MartinUpdate package version number for X11R7 RC3 release. XORG-6_99_99_903
2005-12-03 Kevin E MartinAdd check and cflags for malloc(0) returning NULL.
2005-10-19 Kevin E MartinUpdate package version number for RC1 release. XORG-6_99_99_901 XORG-6_99_99_902
2005-10-13 Alan Coopersmith[lib/Xv]
2005-08-03 Adam JacksonDo PKG_CHECK_MODULES on a unique token instead of on...
2005-07-29 Kevin E MartinVarious changes preparing packages for RC0: XORG-6_99_99_900
2005-07-12 Daniel StoneAdd Xvlib.h, change soversion to 1.0.0.
2005-07-12 Daniel StoneChange version to 2.2.0.
2005-06-21 Alexander Gottwaldlib/XScrnSaver/
2005-06-13 Søren Sandmann Ped... - Add Xv man pages
2005-06-13 Søren Sandmann Ped... - Add Xv to