2010-10-05 Tapani PälliAdd debian/api file for API management debian-unstable master meego/1_1.0.5-2-meego392
2010-10-01 Oliver McFaddendebian: Nokia debianization meego/1_1.0.5-2-meego391
2010-10-01 Oliver McFaddenMerge remote branch 'fdo/master' into debian-unstable
2010-05-17 Alan CoopersmithDon't need to check if pointer is NULL before calling...
2010-05-17 Alan CoopersmithReplace malloc(strlen()) + strcpy() with strdup()
2010-05-15 Mikhail GusarovNuke unnecessary casts
2010-05-15 Mikhail GusarovExpand xalloc/xrealloc/xfree macros
2010-05-15 Mikhail Gusarovunifdef FONTENC_NO_LIBFONT
2010-05-15 Mikhail GusarovNuke RCS tags
2010-05-07 Mikhail GusarovRemove duplicate xorg.fd.o URL and confusing mailing...
2010-03-29 Gaetan Nadonconfig: update AC_PREREQ statement to 2.60
2010-03-29 Gaetan Nadonconfig: remove the pkgconfig file from EXTRA_DIST
2010-03-09 Cyril BruleboisUpload to unstable. libfontenc-1_1.0.5-2
2010-03-09 Cyril BruleboisBump Standards-Version from 3.7.3 to 3.8.4 (no changes...
2010-03-09 Cyril BruleboisAdd myself to Uploaders.
2010-03-09 Cyril BruleboisAdd udeb needed for the graphical installer: libfontenc...
2010-02-16 Gaetan Nadonconfig: move CWARNFLAGS from to
2010-01-23 Julien CristauRemove myself from Uploaders
2010-01-16 Julien CristauRename the build directory to not include DEB_BUILD_GNU...
2009-11-28 Gaetan add ChangeLog and INSTALL on MAINTAINERCLE...
2009-11-24 Timo AaltonenDrop pre-dependency on x11-common from libfontenc-dev...
2009-11-23 Julien CristauPrepare changelog for upload libfontenc-1_1.0.5-1
2009-11-23 Julien CristauMove -dbg package to the debug section.
2009-11-23 Julien CristauAdd missing build-dep on libtool.
2009-11-23 Timo AaltonenRun autoreconf on build. Add build-deps on automake...
2009-11-23 Timo AaltonenDelete generated files.
2009-11-23 Timo AaltonenParse space-separated DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS, and handle...
2009-11-23 Timo AaltonenBump Standards-Version to 3.8.3.
2009-11-23 Timo AaltonenMerge branch 'debian-unstable' of ../../xsfbs into...
2009-11-23 Timo AaltonenUpdate the changelogs.
2009-11-23 Timo AaltonenMerge commit 'libfontenc-1.0.5' into debian-unstable
2009-10-28 Gaetan NadonINSTALL, NEWS, README or AUTHORS files are missing...
2009-10-27 Gaetan NadonDeploy the new XORG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS #24242
2009-10-27 Gaetan ChangeLog not required: EXTRA_DIST or...
2009-10-22 Gaetan Nadon.gitignore: use common defaults with custom section...
2009-10-21 Jeremy HuddlestonThis is not a GNU project, so declare it foreign.
2009-10-14 Alan CoopersmithUse font-utils 1.1 macros to find encodings path
2009-09-25 Julien remove more obsolete code
2009-09-25 Julien kill obsolete DEFAULT_DCRESOLUTIONS and SOURC...
2009-09-25 Julien fix typo and remove svn keyword
2009-08-28 Peter Huttererlibfontenc 1.0.5 libfontenc-1.0.5
2009-08-26 Julien no need for shlibs.local
2009-08-26 Julien remove unused reject_whitespace function
2009-08-26 Julien remove unused find_culprits function
2009-08-26 Julien remove unused maplink function
2009-08-26 Julien remove unused analyze_path
2009-08-26 Julien remove unused check_symlinks_and_{bomb,warn}
2009-06-03 Julien CristauKill custom readlink function
2009-05-26 Julien Cristauxsfbs: don't run dpkg --print-installation-architecture
2009-05-26 David NusinowAdd README.source
2009-02-25 Julien Cristauxsfbs: needs to be executable
2009-02-17 Julien kill {,de}register_x_lib_dir_with_ld_so
2009-02-03 Alan CoopersmithAdd README with pointers to mailing list, bugzilla...
2009-02-01 Julien Cristauxsfbs: add a repack script for uscan
2009-01-28 Paulo Cesar... Janitor: Correct make distcheck and compiler warnings.
2008-07-17 Julien make 'log' a separate target
2008-07-16 Julien update the list of releases, and drop some...
2008-07-16 Julien more parallel make fixing
2008-07-16 Julien fix the prepare target for parallel make
2008-06-13 Brice GoglinMisc fixes to debian/control and debian/copyright
2008-06-13 Brice GoglinMerge branch 'debian-unstable' of git://git.debian...
2008-05-31 Brice GoglinUpdate xsfbs/quilt patching rules to be compatible...
2008-05-30 Julien use 'local' now that policy allows it
2008-05-30 Julien add remove_conffile_lookup
2008-05-23 Julien CristauRemove the .pc directory properly
2008-05-12 Julien CristauPrepare changelog for upload libfontenc-1_1.0.4-3
2008-05-12 Julien CristauMerge branch 'debian-unstable' of
2008-05-12 Julien CristauAdd proper Section control fields for binary packages.
2008-05-12 Julien Cristaudebian/control updates
2008-04-13 Julien CristauRemove
2008-03-21 Julien make 'serverabi' depend on 'install'
2008-01-09 David NusinowKill the manifest code.
2007-12-06 James CloosAdd missing PHONY line for automatic ChangeLog generation
2007-09-23 David NusinowRemove make-orig-tar-gz target
2007-08-29 Brice GoglinDo not call laptop-detect, let the only user call it...
2007-07-12 Brice GoglinFix "display the output of quilt push/pop".
2007-07-09 Brice GoglinMinor fixes in the patching system.
2007-07-09 Brice GoglinFix displaying of patches applied by quilt.
2007-04-13 Branden RobinsonTest for existence of debian/patches directory before...
2007-04-10 Julien CristauPrepare changelog for upload. libfontenc-1_1.0.4-2
2007-04-10 Julien CristauMerge branch 'xsfbs-unstable' of ../../xsfbs into debia...
2007-04-10 Julien CristauDelete xsfbs so I can do a proper import.
2007-03-02 Julien CristauFix copy/paste typo in the input driver provides.
2007-03-02 David NusinowFix one missed bit from the serverabiver -> serverminve...
2007-03-01 David NusinowFix typo that prevented the input abi versioning from...
2007-02-28 David NusinowAdd support for X server input ABI versioning
2007-02-22 David NusinowFix name of serverminver
2007-02-22 David NusinowUpdate serverabi generation to also account for driver...
2007-02-17 Julien CristauAdd new "serverabi" rule to generate drivers dependency...
2007-02-09 Julien CristauPrepare changelog for upload to experimental. libfontenc-1_1.0.4-1
2007-02-05 David NusinowMove the files so they'll be put in debian/xsfbs automa...
2007-02-02 Julien CristauAdd and install the upstream changelog.
2007-02-02 Julien CristauDrop obsolete CVS info from the descriptions, and add...
2007-02-02 Julien Cristauautoreconf
2007-02-02 Julien CristauNew upstream release (libfontenc 1.0.4).
2007-02-02 Julien CristauAdd copy of xsfbs.
2007-02-02 Julien CristauMerge branch 'upstream-experimental' into debian-experi...
2007-02-02 Julien CristauMerge branch 'upstream-experimental' into debian-experi...
2006-12-15 Daniel Stonebump to 1.0.4 libfontenc-1.0.4
2006-12-06 Daniel make ChangeLog hook safer