last changeMon, 4 Apr 2011 10:48:59 +0000 (13:48 +0300)
2011-04-04 Sjoerd SimonsFallback to fsvideoanyrate if needed, make less element... master
2011-04-04 meegoClarify debug messages
2011-04-01 Gustavo Pichorim... Do not log delivery report messages in the friends...
2011-03-30 Gustavo Pichorim... Replace en_UK by en_BG
2011-03-30 Vincent Penquerc'hfix the settings screen spawning not doing anything
2011-03-30 Vincent Penquerc'hdo not use deprecated
2011-03-30 Vincent Penquerc'havoid trying to setup connections before the signals...
2011-03-30 Vincent Penquerc'hfix anchoring (it can only refer to parent or sibling)
2011-03-30 Vincent Penquerc'hfix dependency loop for message widget height
2011-03-30 Vincent Penquerc'hfix failure to access parent width (not too sure why...
2011-03-30 Vincent Penquerc'hDo not try to access an undefined object
2011-03-30 Vincent Penquerc'hDefault AccountScreenContent to anchor to the parent
2011-03-30 Vincent Penquerc'hDo not reload filters when the resource we need is...
2011-03-30 Vincent Penquerc'hremove assignment to undefined property
2011-03-30 Vincent Penquerc'hsimplify the video item init code, and prevent swapping...
2011-03-30 Vincent Penquerc'hcleanup
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