2012-04-13 Mika SuonpaaFixes: NB#300201 - Incorrect remaining time shown when... master
2012-04-12 Mika SuonpaaFixes: NB#300191 - Failed Error state for upload transf...
2012-04-12 Mika SuonpaaFixes: NB#300219 - Transfer consisting of multiple...
2012-03-19 Mika SuonpaaUpdated changelog v1.3.12.1
2012-03-13 Mika SuonpaaClear auth data on successful auth to prevent problems... v1.3.11.1
2012-03-01 Mika SuonpaaLoad also common translation catalog in System class...
2012-02-27 Mika SuonpaaFixes: NB#298932 - Unable to upload video to youtube... stable1.3 v1.3.9.1
2012-02-14 Mika SuonpaaUpdated changelog v1.3.7.1
2012-02-14 Mika SuonpaaFixed album list update problems when list has become... bug294599
2012-02-01 Mika SuonpaaDo not delete identity after successful auth, retry...
2012-01-26 Mika SuonpaaUpdated version v1.3.4.1
2012-01-16 Mika SuonpaaUpdated changelog v1.3.3.1
2011-12-21 Mika SuonpaaFixes: NB#294040 - Uploads using guest WLAN fail when...
2011-12-20 Mika SuonpaaUse QNetworkSession properly networksession
2011-12-12 Mika SuonpaaMerge branch 'master' of
2011-12-12 Mika SuonpaaSupport for service options that get value list from...
2011-12-08 Jarno KalliomakiFixes: NB#288957 - Dropbox: Service currently unavailab...
2011-12-07 Mika SuonpaaFixes: NB#293566 - Facebook Publish - The qtn_comm_shar...
2011-11-09 Mika SuonpaaAfter tagging
2011-11-08 Mika SuonpaaAdded missing dependency stable1.2 v1.2.45.1
2011-11-08 Mika SuonpaaUpdated changelog
2011-11-08 Mika SuonpaaMerge branch 'master' into facetags facetags
2011-11-08 Mika SuonpaaAfter tagging
2011-11-08 Mika SuonpaaUpdated changelog
2011-11-08 Mika SuonpaaUpdated version
2011-11-04 Mika SuonpaaAfter tagging
2011-11-04 Mika SuonpaaFixes: NB#289463 - Facebook crash (WebUpload::PluginApp... v1.2.44.3
2011-11-04 Jarno KalliomakiRemoved support for plugin to be able to pass a custom...
2011-11-04 Mika SuonpaaCommonSwitchOption can have a note text
2011-11-03 Mika SuonpaaRemoved unnecessary debug message
2011-11-03 Mika SuonpaaMerge branch 'master' into facetags
2011-11-02 Mika SuonpaaAfter tagging
2011-11-02 Mika SuonpaaUpdated changelog v1.2.44.2
2011-11-02 Mika SuonpaaAdded missing exports to publish widgets, fixed encodin...
2011-11-01 Mika SuonpaaAfter tagging
2011-11-01 Mika SuonpaaUpdated changelog v1.2.44.1
2011-10-28 Mika SuonpaaEnabled booster booster
2011-10-27 Mika SuonpaaAfter tagging
2011-10-27 Mika SuonpaaUpdated version v1.2.43.1
2011-10-27 Jarno KalliomakiAdded support for plugin to be able to pass a custom...
2011-10-19 Mika SuonpaaAdded face tag handling functions
2011-10-18 Mika SuonpaaLink face tags switch to metadata filtering
2011-10-18 Mika SuonpaaAdded CommonSwitchOption
2011-10-18 Jarno KalliomakiAdded support for maximum media size uploadable to...
2011-10-17 Mika SuonpaaAfter tagging
2011-10-17 Jarno KalliomakiImproved transfer time estimate calculation by increasi... v1.2.42.1
2011-10-14 Mika SuonpaaFixes: NB#286447 - Disabled accounts are still displaye...
2011-10-05 Mika SuonpaaAfter tagging
2011-10-05 Mika SuonpaaFixes: NB#285248 - webupload-engine accounts.db file... v1.2.40.1
2011-09-30 Mika SuonpaaFixed newly created accounts not showing in share-ui...
2011-09-27 Mika SuonpaaOptimized accounts manager usage
2011-09-21 Mika SuonpaaTest code for writing face tag
2011-09-19 Mika SuonpaaAfter tagging
2011-09-19 Mika SuonpaaUpdated version v1.2.38.1
2011-09-19 Mika SuonpaaUpdated libquillmetadata dependency version
2011-09-16 Mika SuonpaaFace tag removing option
2011-09-06 Jarno KalliomakiMerge branch 'custom_error_string_for_update'
2011-09-05 Mika SuonpaaFixes: NB#271759 - Transfer details dialog shows progre...
2011-09-05 Jarno Kalliomakiupdated changelog
2011-08-31 Mika SuonpaaCreated a branch for 1.1, master updated to 1.2
2011-08-31 Mika SuonpaaMerge branch 'maxlength'
2011-08-31 Mika SuonpaaService specific image resize option
2011-08-29 Mika SuonpaaMax length can be defined for common text options
2011-08-24 Mika SuonpaaRemoved obsolete member variable
2011-08-23 Mika SuonpaaSupport service options in add settings
2011-08-22 Jarno Kalliomakicustom error string support for update
2011-08-19 Mika SuonpaaUse correct icon for url, test code was committed by...
2011-08-17 Mika SuonpaaAfter tagging
2011-08-12 Mika SuonpaaUpdated changelog v1.1.33.1
2011-08-12 Mika SuonpaaReplaced bad assert with a null check
2011-08-12 Mika SuonpaaAfter tagging
2011-08-10 Mika SuonpaaFixed coverity issues v1.1.32.2
2011-08-08 Mika SuonpaaAfter tagging
2011-08-08 Mika SuonpaaUpdated changelog v1.1.32.1
2011-08-04 Mika SuonpaaUse trimmed description when comparing if it is empty
2011-08-04 Mika SuonpaaUse trimmed title when comparing if it is empty
2011-07-20 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-07-20 Sami ViitanenBumb version v1.1.29.1
2011-07-08 Jarno KalliomakiFixes: NB#268038 - Twitter : Incorrect error message...
2011-07-06 Sami ViitanenUnstable branch
2011-07-06 Sami ViitanenStable branch version stable
2011-06-10 divyaAfter tagging
2011-06-10 divyaFixed dependency issues for libpublishwidgets-dev v0.3.23.2
2011-06-09 divyaAfter tagging
2011-06-09 divyaFixed missing dependancy for libwebupload-dev in the... v0.3.23.1
2011-05-30 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-05-27 Mika SuonpaaRemoved obsolete reference to webupload-engine-doc v0.3.21.2
2011-05-23 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-05-23 Sami ViitanenFix copyright years and email typo in source headers v0.3.21.1
2011-05-23 Mika SuonpaaMerged optimization changes
2011-05-23 Mika SuonpaaUpdated changelog
2011-05-23 Mika SuonpaaRemoved excessive logging, using single QSparqlConnecti...
2011-05-23 Sami ViitanenFixes: NB#258197 - webupload-engine-doc package does...
2011-05-20 Mika SuonpaaRead tracker info for all media with one query when...
2011-05-17 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-05-17 Sami ViitanenFixing compile warning v0.3.20.2
2011-05-17 divyaRe-enabled systemChecks test after removing the parts...
2011-05-17 divyaAfter tagging
2011-05-16 divyaSome of the tests were not using the script... v0.3.20.1
2011-05-13 divyaAdded some tests to test the post classes. Fixed some...