Fixes: NB#300219 - Transfer consisting of multiple files in same upload does not...
[meego-sharing-framework:webupload-engine.git] / webupload-engine / src / uploadengine.cpp
2012-04-12 Mika SuonpaaFixes: NB#300219 - Transfer consisting of multiple...
2012-02-27 Mika SuonpaaFixes: NB#298932 - Unable to upload video to youtube... stable1.3 v1.3.9.1
2011-12-20 Mika SuonpaaUse QNetworkSession properly networksession
2011-08-12 Mika SuonpaaReplaced bad assert with a null check
2011-05-23 Sami ViitanenFix copyright years and email typo in source headers v0.3.21.1
2011-05-17 Sami ViitanenFixing compile warning v0.3.20.2
2011-04-27 divya(1) Added out-of-memory error handling during processin...
2011-04-14 divyaNow, when a transfer is asked to be sent, if it belongs... 12
2011-04-06 divyaChanges from master
2011-04-05 divyaNow handling only USB MassStorage and Disconnected... v0.3.14.1
2011-04-01 Sami ViitanenSmall typo fixed v0.3.13.2
2011-03-30 Sami ViitanenCleaning debug printing
2011-02-28 divyaAdded handling of the signal emitted saying "about... v0.3.9.1
2011-02-17 divyaMerge branch 'master' of 3
2011-02-17 divyaFixed bug 227949
2011-01-18 divyaUpdating with review comment
2011-01-18 divyaFix for bug 219643.
2011-01-13 Alexander BokovoyRevert wrong header change. Please be careful when...
2011-01-13 divyaFixed an issue where if new transfer was coming after...
2011-01-12 Alexander BokovoyInitial commit