2011-01-25 divyaIf mime type was not known, we were printing a critical... 1 v0.3.4.1
2011-01-25 divyaWhen the file to be shared is deleted, it's entries...
2011-01-20 Mika SuonpaaFixed compilation error
2011-01-20 divyaFixed bug 219702.
2011-01-19 divyaAfter tagging
2011-01-19 divyaThe problem is that isActive() was changed to wait... v0.3.3.1
2011-01-19 divyaChanged update process to only check for connection...
2011-01-18 divyaUpdating with review comment
2011-01-18 divyaFix for bug 219643.
2011-01-17 divyaSome more tests and fixed bug 219582
2011-01-17 divyaUpdated test cases to increase some coverage
2011-01-14 Sami Viitanensmall fixes
2011-01-14 Sami ViitanenFix log file name
2011-01-14 divyaAfter tagging
2011-01-14 divyaAdded ${misc:Depends} to the depends for libwebupload0... v0.3.2.1
2011-01-14 divyaFixed some compilation issues.
2011-01-13 Alexander BokovoyRevert wrong header change. Please be careful when...
2011-01-13 divyaFixed an issue where if new transfer was coming after...
2011-01-12 Alexander BokovoyInitial commit