2011-08-12 Mika SuonpaaAfter tagging stable stable1.1
2011-08-12 Mika SuonpaaBump version v1.1.32.1
2011-08-03 Ravi Kumar Supdated change log
2011-08-03 Ravi Kumar SBump version v1.1.31.1
2011-06-06 Ravi Kumar SAfter tagging
2011-06-06 Ravi Kumar SUpdated version v0.3.23.1
2011-06-06 Ravi Kumar SUpdated version
2011-06-03 Ravi Kumar SFixes:NB#261841
2011-06-02 Ravi Kumar SNew version after tagging
2011-06-02 Ravi Kumar SFixed No Transfers visibility issue v0.3.21.3
2011-06-01 Sami Viitanenversion fix
2011-06-01 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-06-01 Ravi Kumar SUpdated tuisettings v0.3.21.2
2011-06-01 Ravi Kumar SFixes:NB260543
2011-06-01 Ravi Kumar Scheck for completed count
2011-06-01 Ravi Kumar SFix to display completed for transfers which are not...
2011-05-24 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-05-24 Sami ViitanenUpdate version number v0.3.21.1
2011-05-24 Ravi Kumar SUpdated unit test cases
2011-05-20 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-05-20 Ravi Kumar SUpdated Settings file v0.3.20.2
2011-05-20 Ravi Kumar SFixes:NB#257951
2011-05-17 divyaAfter tagging
2011-05-17 Ravi Kumar SUpdated changelog v0.3.20.1
2011-05-16 Ravi Kumar SFixes: NB#255970
2011-05-13 Ravi Kumar SUpdate review comments
2011-05-13 Ravi Kumar SFixes NB#255231
2011-05-13 Ravi Kumar SInit function changes 4
2011-05-09 Ravi Kumar SNew version after tagging
2011-05-09 Ravi Kumar Ssubmitted missing fix for bug 253557 v0.3.19.2
2011-05-09 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-05-09 Ravi Kumar SFixes NB#253557 v0.3.19.1
2011-05-06 Ravi Kumar SFixes: NB#252670
2011-05-06 Ravi Kumar SRemoved deprecated ffunctions from api
2011-05-05 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-05-05 Ravi Kumar SSimplified thumbnail handling and removed unwanted... v0.3.18.1
2011-05-02 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-05-02 Ravi Kumar SAdded timer to send the total summary of transfers... v0.3.17.1
2011-05-02 Ravi Kumar SAdded timer to send the total summary of transfers...
2011-05-02 Ravi Kumar SRemoved QmTime code from constructor
2011-04-29 Ravi Kumar SMerge updated review comments
2011-04-20 Ravi Kumar SChained custom dialog 3
2011-04-19 divyaAfter tagging
2011-04-19 divyaFixed version v0.3.16.1
2011-04-19 Ravi Kumar SExtended open completed functionality to handle file...
2011-04-13 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging, part II
2011-04-13 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-04-13 divyaRemoved "\n" from the only two files in which it was... v0.3.14.2
2011-04-11 divyaAfter tagging
2011-04-08 Sami Viitanen Fixes: NB#240417 - Copyright tag not defined in transf... v0.3.14.1
2011-03-29 divyaAfter tagging
2011-03-28 Sami ViitanenFixed: NB#240421 - The API documentation main page... v0.3.13.1
2011-03-28 Sami ViitanenFixes NB#240417 - Copyright tag not defined in transfer-ui
2011-03-24 Ravi Kumar SFixes: NB#239255
2011-03-24 Ravi Kumar SFixes:239226
2011-03-22 Ravi Kumar SFixes: NB#229506
2011-03-17 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-03-17 Ravi Kumar SFixes: NB#237509 v0.3.11.1
2011-03-17 Ravi Kumar SWrite icon id to the history database
2011-03-16 Ravi Kumar SAdded opening of completed item code which was missing...
2011-03-15 Ravi Kumar Sadded QT -= gui
2011-03-15 Ravi Kumar SAllow empty messages set by setMessage API
2011-03-11 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-03-10 Sami ViitanenFixes: NB#235325 - Tranfer UI Qt Client API has incorre... v0.3.10.2
2011-03-09 Ravi Kumar SChanged argc to reference variable
2011-03-08 Ravi Kumar SClear Thumbnails details if transfer-ui failed to recei...
2011-03-08 divyaAfter tagging
2011-03-08 Ravi Kumar SUpdated bug id in the change log v0.3.10.1
2011-03-08 Ravi Kumar SMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-08 Ravi Kumar SFixes : NB#233744
2011-03-03 divyaAfter tagging
2011-03-03 divyaUpdated changelog v0.3.9.2
2011-03-03 Ravi Kumar SAdded a check for tuidata present in the list
2011-02-28 Ravi Kumar SNew version after tagging
2011-02-28 Ravi Kumar Semit dataChanged signal when a new transfer is added... v0.3.9.1
2011-02-28 Ravi Kumar SFixes in changelog
2011-02-28 Ravi Kumar SFixes NB#230804 NB#230790
2011-02-24 divyaAfter tagging
2011-02-24 Ravi Kumar SUpdated change log v0.3.8.2
2011-02-24 Ravi Kumar SAdded missing files
2011-02-24 Ravi Kumar SMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/2' of git@gitorious...
2011-02-23 Ravi Kumar SEncapsulation of TUIData
2011-02-22 divyaAfter tagging
2011-02-21 Sami ViitanenFixes: NB#228914 - transfer-ui provides dev package... v0.3.8.1
2011-02-16 Sami ViitanenSmall documentation fix
2011-02-16 Ravi Kumar SUpdated review comments
2011-02-15 Ravi Kumar SNew version after tagging
2011-02-15 Ravi Kumar SFixes: NB#227535 v0.3.7.1
2011-02-14 Ravi Kumar STransfer UI changes to support single model (No complet...
2011-02-09 divyaAfter tagging
2011-02-09 divyaUpdating version v0.3.6.1
2011-02-04 Mika SuonpaaOption for disabling document generation
2011-02-04 Ravi Kumar SFixes: NB#220455
2011-02-03 divyaAfter tagging
2011-02-03 divyaUpdated changelog v0.3.5.1
2011-02-02 Mika SuonpaaReplaced QTime with QElapsedTimer
2011-01-28 Ravi Kumar SNew version after tagging
2011-01-28 Ravi Kumar SMore clean for closed state signal handling v0.3.4.2
2011-01-28 Ravi Kumar Stuiopen signal is not emitted if the ui is opened....
2011-01-28 Ravi Kumar SDon't change state in setProgress function