Fixes: NB#246173 - share-ui always logs in the users home dir
[meego-sharing-framework:share-ui.git] / debian / changelog
2011-04-13 Sami ViitanenFixes: NB#246173 - share-ui always logs in the users... v0.3.15.1
2011-04-12 divyaUpdated video icon name as per v1.15 of specs
2011-04-11 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-04-11 Sami ViitanenChangelog update v0.3.14.1
2011-04-06 Mika SuonpaaMerge branch 'sheet'
2011-04-01 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-04-01 Sami Viitanenclean up changelog v0.3.13.1
2011-04-01 Jarno Kalliomakichanged application deletion order
2011-04-01 Mika SuonpaaMerge branch 'master' into sheet sheet
2011-03-29 divyaAfter tagging
2011-03-23 divyaRemoved the code that caused share-ui to exit if even... v0.3.12.1
2011-03-17 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-03-16 Mika SuonpaaMerge branch 'master' into sheet
2011-03-16 divyaSplit UiLoader::loadPlugin into UiLoader::loadPlugin...
2011-03-14 Mika SuonpaaMerged master
2011-03-11 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-03-11 divyaAdded handling of the '+' character. v0.3.10.2
2011-03-09 Sami ViitanenUpdate changelog
2011-03-09 Sami ViitanenMerge branch 'appviewiface'
2011-03-08 divyaAfter tagging
2011-03-07 divyaMixed handling of the '$' character. v0.3.10.1
2011-03-07 divyaFixed errors in the share-ui-plugin and share-ui-common...
2011-03-04 Mika SuonpaaMerge branch 'master' into appviewiface
2011-03-03 Benjamin DruckerMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-03 divyaAfter tagging
2011-03-03 divyaUpdated changelog v0.3.9.2
2011-03-01 Benjamin DruckerMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/5' of
2011-02-28 Sami ViitanenAfter tagging
2011-02-28 Sami ViitanenBump version number v0.3.9.1
2011-02-28 Mika SuonpaaFixes: NB#229870 - Crash in PluginLoaderPrivate::doLoad...
2011-02-24 divyaAfter tagging
2011-02-24 divyaFixed compilation issues with the link-share example
2011-02-22 divyaAfter tagging
2011-02-21 Sami ViitanenSmall dependency fix and version bump
2011-02-18 divyaAdded handling of '(' and ')' characters.
2011-02-15 divyaAfter tagging
2011-02-15 divyaShare-UI seems to need to be linked with -rdynamic... v0.3.7.2
2011-02-14 Mika SuonpaaMerged plugin loading changes
2011-02-14 divyaAfter tagging
2011-02-14 divyaRemoved meego-boostable from .pro file and updated... v0.3.7.1
2011-02-10 divyaChanged extension of contact card saved before sending...
2011-02-09 divyaFixed handling ';' in name of file passed to share-ui
2011-02-09 divyaAfter tagging
2011-02-09 divyaUpdated version v0.3.6.1
2011-02-04 Mika SuonpaaAdded option for disabling document generation
2011-02-03 divyaAfter tagging
2011-02-03 divyaUpdated version in changelog v0.3.5.1
2011-02-03 divyaUpdated changelog
2011-01-28 divyaAfter tagging
2011-01-28 divyaMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/2' of git@gitorious... v0.3.4.1
2011-01-28 divyaWhen the name of the file passed for sharing consists... 3
2011-01-21 Sami ViitanenMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious...
2011-01-19 divyaAfter tagging
2011-01-14 Sami ViitanenFix log file name issues
2011-01-14 divyaAfter tagging
2011-01-12 Alexander BokovoyInitial commit v0.3.2.1