last changeTue, 20 Mar 2012 23:12:29 +0000 (16:12 -0700)
2012-03-20 Auke KokMerge branch 'master' of master
2012-03-20 Auke KokTag v0.65 v0.65
2012-03-19 Auke KokChange setsid/pgid() to only be verbose when they succe...
2012-03-19 Auke KokBugfix: don't assume dbus-daemon failed to start when...
2012-03-19 Auke KokDe-MeeGo-ify.
2012-03-12 Auke KokMake sure we don't closedir() in case there was no...
2012-03-12 Auke KokDo not compare an array to NULL, just look at the contents.
2012-03-12 Auke KokMinor nitpicks and cleanups.
2012-03-06 Auke KokSparse cleanups, nothing shocking.
2012-03-06 Auke KokQuick resource leak fix.
2012-02-06 Auke KokDon't wait for `udevam settle` by default.
2011-07-25 Auke KokMerge branch 'MeeGo-1.2' v0.64
2011-07-25 Auke KokTag 0.59.4 MeeGo-1.2 v0.59.5
2011-07-23 Auke KokAlso, when doing Late processes, wait in between each...
2011-07-22 Auke KokSync method: Changed to sync per priority only, don...
2011-07-18 Auke KokConvert dprintf's back to lprintfs where we want them...
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