2011-07-16 Chengwei Yangbackword master to the current v0.6 master
2011-07-16 Chengwei YangMerge branch 'master' of
2011-07-16 Chengwei Yangfix package clean
2011-07-16 Chengwei Yangfix mtab as systemd expected
2011-07-16 Chengwei Yangfix bootloader probe for extlinux
2011-07-16 Chengwei Yangfix error partition boundary
2011-07-14 Chengwei YangMerge branch 'untouch-home-install'
2011-07-14 Chengwei Yanga little fix
2011-07-14 Chengwei Yangfix error partitioning boundary
2011-07-14 Chengwei Yangguess the previous MeeGo partition first
2011-07-13 Chengwei Yangmake ouput colorful, split do_select, wait_user_input...
2011-07-13 Chengwei Yangsplit wait_user_input from rollback
2011-07-12 Chengwei Yangfix install bootloader
2011-07-12 Chengwei YangMerge branch 'expand-extended-partition'
2011-07-12 Chengwei Yangactive the new partition if we install bootloader
2011-07-12 Chengwei Yangfix install bootloader logic bug
2011-07-12 Chengwei Yangadd more interactive hints
2011-07-12 Chengwei Yangexpand extended partition and install bootloader or not
2011-07-12 Chengwei Yangmount btrfs subvolume by name
2011-07-08 Chengwei Yangfix mount and live device recognize
2011-07-01 Yang Chengweifix bugs
2011-07-01 Yang Chengweifix copy progress bar
2011-07-01 Yang Chengweiclear old os probe
2011-07-01 Yang Chengweifix install mode
2011-06-28 Yang ChengweiMerge branch 'integrated'
2011-06-28 Yang Chengweiintegrated all bugfixes
2011-06-28 Yang Chengweiadd a fdisk function, suppress warning message
2011-06-27 Yang Chengweirevision sfdisk wait and try again.
2011-06-26 Yang Chengweitrival fix
2011-06-24 Yang Chengweifix
2011-06-24 Yang Chengweiadd sfdisk_loop to handle device busy
2011-06-24 Yang Chengweibackport hotfixs
2011-06-24 Yang Chengweirun postscript files
2011-06-24 Yang Chengweibtrfs workaround, ssd detect, don't copy sample media
2011-06-20 Yang Chengweidon't reboot
2011-06-20 Yang Chengweibtrfs workaround
2011-06-20 Yang Chengweidelete space
2011-06-20 Yang Chengweifactory partition
2011-06-20 Yang ChengweiMerge branch 'multi-boot-refactor'
2011-06-20 Yang Chengweisupport windows (need test)
2011-06-20 Yang Chengweifixed typo error
2011-06-20 Yang Chengweifixed sfdisk failed
2011-06-20 Yang Chengweichainload extlinux in other partition
2011-06-20 Yang Chengweirevision compress ratio to 0.5
2011-06-20 Yang ChengweiMerge branch 'gpt-refactor'
2011-06-20 Yang ChengweiMerge branch 'silent-warning-refactor'
2011-06-20 Yang ChengweiMerge branch 'oaktrail-btrfs-failed-refactor'
2011-06-18 Yang Chengweiset compress ratio to let copy progress more accuratedly
2011-06-18 Yang Chengweisilent mode warning
2011-06-18 Yang Chengweimulti-boot grub/extlinux
2011-06-17 Yang Chengweibtrfs create filesystem failed
2011-06-17 Yang Chengweigpt supports
2011-06-17 Yang Chengweifixed copy log
2011-06-17 Yang Chengweirefactor installer-shell
2011-06-13 Yang Chengweidon't get mtab from live environment
2011-06-09 Yang ChengweiFixed install mode
2011-06-07 vivianRun imagetype check after the check_and_choose device...
2011-06-02 Yang Chengweimount as ssd default
2011-06-02 Yang Chengweisupress error message when the device hasn't been forma...
2011-05-28 vivianAdd the necessary fs to /etc/fstab
2011-05-28 vivianRecreate the initrd based on the new fstab
2011-05-25 Yang ChengweiFixed invalid user input bug
2011-05-25 Yang ChengweiFixed umount failed
2011-05-25 Yang ChengweiAlign code for tablet
2011-05-24 Yang ChengweiChanged vertical to image type, it's more reliable.
2011-05-24 Yang ChengweiFixed a logic bug
2011-05-23 Yang Chengweisome trivial fix
2011-05-23 Yang ChengweiFixed umount issue
2011-05-23 Yang ChengweiAlign code to all MeeGo vertical
2011-05-23 Yang ChengweiAdd silent install mode
2011-05-23 Yang ChengweiFix rsync, fail_exit.
2011-05-22 Yang ChengweiAdd OS probe, add partition rollback and etc.
2011-05-19 Yang ChengweiFixed swap tag, reuse swap partition
2011-05-19 Yang ChengweiFixed trucated log file by typo and partitioning
2011-05-18 Auke KokFix indentation to use 1 style: ts=4, use tabs.
2011-05-18 Yang ChengweiUpdate bootable partition
2011-05-18 Yang ChengweiFixed a bug, LOGFILE is trucated by typo
2011-05-18 Yang ChengweiImplement install MeeGo in free space
2011-05-17 Yang ChengweiAdd device selection
2011-05-13 vivianFixed the installation progress blocked issue caused...
2011-05-13 vivianAdd MMC device support (BMC 17340)
2011-05-13 vivianinitial commit for installer-shell-0.2