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last changeTue, 29 Mar 2011 04:10:30 +0000 (12:10 +0800)
2011-03-29 MeeGo kernel botupdated the pegatron/exopc patches master
2011-03-22 MeeGo kernel botadd ALS control for the ExoPC
2011-03-03 MeeGo kernel botupdate to stable release
2011-01-21 MeeGo kernel botput back the perf subrpm that got accidentally lost...
2011-01-10 MeeGo kernel botSeems the sync is broken and in a mess, fix that manual...
2011-01-05 MeeGo kernel botLinus released the 2.6.37 final release with i915 graph...
2011-01-04 MeeGo kernel botadd atmel touch screen driver backport
2010-11-29 MeeGo kernel botCommit msg unknown
2010-11-22 MeeGo kernel botadd atmel touch screen driver backport
2010-11-11 MeeGo kernel botARM: Get rid of config-arm-generic
2010-11-08 MeeGo kernel botfew more UMG patches for sensors/power mgmt
2010-10-28 MeeGo kernel bot2 more modem/audio patches
2010-10-16 MeeGo kernel botmore gma600 patches ... it might even work this time
2010-09-24 MeeGo kernel botN900: Remove "/sbin/preinit" from kernel command line...
2010-09-21 MeeGo kernel botdisable various expensive debug kernel options (while...
2010-09-03 MeeGo kernel botdisable the omap3camera patch, it oopses on everything...
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