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last changeThu, 27 May 2010 11:50:25 +0000 (12:50 +0100)
2010-05-27 Fridrich StrbaAdd an implementation of fsync for win32 master
2010-05-27 Fridrich StrbaRemove sys/wait.h include, it isn't used
2010-04-26 Michael MeeksFix cache behaviour with list types 2.29.1
2010-04-26 Ross BurtonUpdate gtk-doc templates
2010-04-26 Ross BurtonBump version to 2.29.1
2010-04-26 Federico Mena... bmo#860 - Make sure notifications happen after a set...
2010-04-26 Federico Mena... Add test for set-get-notify as described in bmo#860
2010-01-07 Ross BurtonBump version to 2.29.0 2.29.0
2010-01-07 Ross BurtonMarshal and unmarshal the gettext_domain in schemas
2010-01-07 Ross BurtonHandle gettext_domain in gconftool
2010-01-07 Ross BurtonSave and load the gettext_domain in the markup backend
2010-01-07 Ross BurtonAdd gettext_domain to the schema, and intern the owner
2010-01-07 Ross BurtonAdd gettext_domain to the schemas DTD
2009-08-28 Ross BurtonBump version 2.26.2ross2
2009-08-28 Ross BurtonMinor syncs with uptream and formatting fixes
2009-08-28 Zhenqiang ChenHandle non-existing dirs
7 years ago 2.29.1
8 years ago 2.29.0
8 years ago 2.26.2ross2
8 years ago 2.26.2ross1
7 years ago master