descriptionUnnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb.
last changeMon, 14 Feb 2011 18:01:26 +0000 (13:01 -0500)
2011-02-14 Auke KokStart / Initialize boardname. master v1.28
2010-12-06 Auke KokDon't start abrt, rev to 1.27 v1.27
2010-12-06 Auke KokRev to 1.26 v1.26
2010-12-06 Auke KokDon't send sreadahead any signals, this is no longer...
2010-10-18 Auke KokStart connmand with -W nl80211,wext to fix BMC #5191
2010-07-28 Auke KokAdd .gitignore file v1.25
2010-07-28 Auke KokRev to 1.25
2010-07-28 Auke KokFold changes from Trunk into git for shutdown/halt
2010-07-28 Auke KokFold Trunk changes back into git
2010-07-28 Auke KokRemove syncookies, set core folder to tmp without quotes.
2010-05-19 Marko SaukkoCheck before echoing to cursor_blink as this file is...
2010-05-19 Marko SaukkoChanged Moblin to MeeGo in welcome message.
2010-05-19 Marko SaukkoRenamed moblin-dm to meego-dm
2010-02-23 Auke KokMerge boot time patches from Trunk
2010-02-22 Auke KokRre-rev, someone committed an unexisting 1.22 tag
2010-02-22 Auke KokRev version
7 years ago v1.28
7 years ago v1.27
7 years ago v1.26
8 years ago v1.25
7 years ago master