last changeThu, 13 May 2010 11:41:24 +0000 (19:41 +0800)
2010-05-13 Roger WANGdelay the construction of stage master
2009-12-15 Roger WANGdisable two finger sliding by default
2009-12-15 Roger WANGfix for sliding in the overview mode
2009-12-15 Roger WANG0.6.2: support for two finger slide event
2009-09-14 Roger WANGbumping version to 0.6; multi touch support
2009-09-14 Roger WANGMerge branch 'single-touch'
2009-09-10 Roger WANGrebase 'pictable' to clutter-1.0 and enable it to build
2009-09-07 Roger WANGfix build error by removing unused statement for pinch...
2009-09-07 Roger WANGMerge branch 'single-touch'
2009-09-07 Roger WANGrepaint viewport to set the correct gamma when exit...
2009-09-07 Roger WANGFade the pictures with new TidyDarkTexture object
2009-09-02 Roger WANGMerge branch 'single-touch'
2009-09-02 Roger WANGdebug msg support, enable motion events on stage only
2009-08-31 Roger WANGfixing jumping pics by fixed center until button release
2009-08-28 Roger WANGbetter normal window mode
2009-08-27 Roger WANGre-enable MT in merge
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