last changeThu, 25 Aug 2011 16:37:05 +0000 (09:37 -0700)
2011-08-25 Travis ReitterNote fix of GType initialization in 0.2.2. master
2011-08-25 Travis ReitterClean up format of NEWS file.
2011-08-25 Travis ReitterPost-release version bump.
2011-08-25 Travis ReitterRelease version 0.2.2 QT_FOLKS_0_2_2
2011-08-25 Travis ReitterCatch NEWS up through 0.2.1.
2011-08-25 Travis ReitterDistribute data files for demo.
2011-08-24 Travis ReitterUnref the correct object when updating postal addresses...
2011-08-24 Travis ReitterDon't assume that all NameDetails are also AliasDetails.
2011-08-24 Travis ReitterAdd extra safety to gObjectClear().
2011-08-24 Travis ReitterFix the set type for adding postal addresses in new...
2011-08-24 Travis ReitterFactor out common AbstractFieldDetails hash creation.
2011-08-24 Travis ReitterFix the type used for AbstractFieldDetails hashes.
2011-08-24 Travis ReitterFix the type used for FolksRole hashes.
2011-08-24 Travis ReitterFactor out common *FieldDetails persona-adding code.
2011-08-24 Travis ReitterAdjust for *FieldDetails being rebased upon AbstractFie...
2011-08-02 Travis ReitterUpdate to Folks.Avatar.avatar API change.
6 years ago QT_FOLKS_0_2_2 Tag version 0.2.2
7 years ago QT_FOLKS_0_2_1 Tag release 0.2.1
7 years ago QT_FOLKS_0_2_0 Tag version 0.2.0
7 years ago QT_FOLKS_0_1_1 Tag version 0.1.1
6 years ago master