last changeTue, 5 Oct 2010 16:47:07 +0000 (17:47 +0100)
2010-10-05 Rob BradfordRemove files to make it obvious that the git repository... master
2010-10-05 Rob BradfordAdd file indicating that the git repositoy has moved
2010-09-15 Rob Bradfordbuild: Don't include Soup and libxml in includes for GIR
2010-09-13 Rob BradfordPost release version bump
2010-09-13 Rob Bradfordxml-parser: Remove unused variable branches/0.7
2010-09-13 Rob Bradfordproxy-call: Use g_error_set_literal for content from...
2010-09-07 Rob Bradfordbuild: Don't include Soup and libxml in includes for GIR
2010-09-06 Ross Burtontests: Add + to the OAuth escape tests
2010-09-06 Rob Bradfordproxy-call: The status code for the request is fetched...
2010-09-06 Rob Bradfordproxy-call: Remove unused code post refactoring
2010-09-06 Rob Bradfordxml-parser: Remove unread 'res' variable
2010-09-06 Rob Bradfordexamples: Fix compiler warnings
2010-09-06 Rob Bradfordproxy: Fix compiler warning
2010-09-02 Ross Burtontests: add proxy-continuous
2010-09-02 Rob Bradfordproxy-call: Fix compiler warning with storing call...
2010-09-02 Rob Bradfordproxy-call: Turn off body buffer accumulation for conti...
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8 years ago librest-0.6.3
8 years ago librest-0.6.2
8 years ago MOBLIN-2-1
8 years ago librest-0.6.1
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