2011-08-30 David GreavesLook in the correct locations in the trial/orig_results
2011-08-30 David Greavesarch comes from param, archs from fields
2011-08-30 David Greavesproject documented to come from fields, not event
2011-08-30 David GreavesClean up <link> project
2011-08-30 David GreavesReport a more helpful error on 403
2011-08-30 David GreavesAdd comment about apiurl alias
2011-08-28 Islam AmerFix docs building
2011-08-28 David GreavesEnsure all participants run as the obsmaintainer
2011-08-28 Islam Amerforgot about is_repo_published
2011-08-28 Islam Amerfix Makefile
2011-08-28 Islam Amerfix postinst
2011-08-28 Islam AmerVersion bump, documentation and packaging
2011-08-28 Islam Amertypo
2011-08-28 Islam AmerFinish get_build_trial_results units
2011-08-27 Islam AmerWIP - get_build_trial_results
2011-08-27 Islam AmerNew unit is_repo_published
2011-08-27 Islam Amerminor typo in docs
2011-08-27 Islam AmerClean up and document.
2011-08-06 David GreavesUpdate spec version
2011-08-06 David GreavesUse non-native versions to use .orig tarballs
2011-08-06 David GreavesClean gbp.conf and use master
2011-07-28 David GreavesUpdate changelog and 0.3.2
2011-07-28 David GreavesMake do_build_trial and do_revert_trial handle BuildSer...
2011-07-28 David GreavesFix postinst script
2011-07-27 David GreavesRaise an exception on 401 error.
2011-05-06 David GreavesComplete the rewrite for skynet
2011-05-01 Islam AmerAdd revert trial unit
2011-04-30 Islam Amersplit build trial code to separate unit
2011-04-30 Islam AmerPort to SkyNET
2011-02-10 Islam AmerFix non-ascii characters in the message.
2011-02-06 Islam AmerOnly update pkg meta if there are any flags. updatepkgm...
2011-02-06 Islam Amerversion bump
2011-02-05 Islam AmerAdd general logging points
2011-02-05 Islam AmerImport time, expand on copypac
2011-02-05 Islam AmerMajor refactor in functions
2011-02-05 Islam Amercopy_flags action to preserve various flags
2011-02-04 Islam AmerClean trial build area if it is a project link
2011-02-04 Islam AmerUpdate to latest template, NB#216429 NB#202935
2010-11-05 Islam Amerhandle reverting packages that are not in trunk.
2010-10-30 Islam AmerFix init and conf 0.2
2010-10-25 Islam Amerversion bump
2010-10-25 Islam Amerversion bump
2010-10-25 Islam Amerbe more informative
2010-10-24 Islam AmerFix incorrect usage of action items and msg
2010-10-24 Islam Amersyntax errors
2010-10-24 Islam Amerfix msg handling
2010-10-24 Islam Amerthe param will be extra_msg
2010-10-24 Islam AmerMerge branch 'master' of
2010-10-24 Islam Amerhandle multiple actions with the new fields, and msg...
2010-10-21 Aleksi Suomalainendebug_dump bug
2010-10-17 Islam AmerCatch 403 error
2010-10-17 Islam AmerSome comments
2010-10-17 Islam AmerDocstrings
2010-10-17 Islam AmerPreserve wi result
2010-10-17 Islam AmerCopypac
2010-10-17 Islam AmerMidway commit
2010-10-17 Islam AmerInitial generalization
2010-10-17 Islam AmerUpdate to latest template
2010-09-30 Islam Amerfixes
2010-09-02 Islam AmerMissed config file directory change
2010-09-02 Islam AmerFix rpm packaging
2010-09-02 Islam AmerPackaging
2010-08-31 Islam AmerInitial commit.