correct the rsync path
[meego-infrastructure-tools:boss-participant-image-dispatcher.git] / boss_image_dispatcher /
2011-10-19 JF Dingcorrect the rsync path
2011-10-13 JF Dingupdate new email template name in wf
2011-10-13 JF Dingwill not use any project name prefix for name
2011-10-13 Li Yirebuild imgtask when dispatch a exist buildid
2011-07-27 JF Dingsync with runtime code
2011-06-10 Li Yiadd 'meego-' suffix for ksname as same as in fields
2011-06-10 Li YiBossInfo inline calls (dis)connect; flush output
2011-06-08 JF Dingtune the default timeout time to 90m
2011-06-08 JF Dingactive (dis)connect of bossinfo client
2011-05-27 JF DingMerge remote branch 'origin/master'
2011-05-27 JF Dinginit boss_info when submitting tasks
2011-04-24 JF Dingtransfer images path to imager participant
2011-04-08 JF Dingnew process def for new imager participant
2011-04-03 JF Dingrename the module name according current rules