2011-06-06 Islam Amerreturn empty string in case of 404 also for package
2011-06-06 Islam Amerreturn empty string in case of 404
2011-05-16 Islam AmerVersion bump
2011-05-16 Islam AmerMerge branch 'skynet' of
2011-05-16 Islam AmerSubtrcating one from last revision doesn't make sense...
2011-05-11 David GreavesThis is not ruby, it is perl, no, wait... python
2011-05-10 David GreavesReturn a list of changelogentries, not lines
2011-05-09 Islam Amerminor bugfix
2011-05-09 Islam Ameradd last_revision comparison mode, which compares a...
2011-05-09 Islam Amerfix to latest wid layout
2011-05-03 Islam Amerversion bump with proper min deps
2011-05-03 Islam AmerUpdated to latest conventions
2011-04-28 Islam AmerDon't add an empty field
2011-04-28 Islam AmerPorted to skynet and split into two participants
2011-02-10 Islam Ameravoid duplication debian/0.2
2011-02-06 Islam Ameronly if there is something
2011-02-06 Islam Amerappend clearer messages to the wi
2011-02-05 Islam AmerMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious... merge-requests/1
2011-01-28 Islam Amerexpand the filelist to handle links
2011-01-25 resundarmisc. fixes 1
2010-12-09 Islam Amerfix ordinary get changelog mode
2010-12-04 Islam Amerminor bugfixes
2010-11-11 Islam Amerreturn empty chlog for non existent packages
2010-11-09 Islam AmerAdd the relevant log entries to the message list
2010-11-09 Islam Amerlast revision minus one
2010-10-29 Islam Amermisc. fixes 0.2
2010-10-29 Islam Amerversion bump
2010-10-29 Islam Amercorrect init script
2010-10-25 Islam AmerFix using the filelist api call
2010-10-25 Islam Amerwhitspace again
2010-10-25 Islam Amerremove only first +
2010-10-25 Islam AmerFix whitespace
2010-10-25 Aleksi SuomalainenUse the iterated package to find correct action and...
2010-10-21 Aleksi Suomalainendebug_dump bug
2010-10-21 Aleksi SuomalainenFixed a couple of bugs in get_changelog
2010-10-12 Islam AmerMissing import
2010-10-11 Islam AmerTemplate error
2010-10-11 Islam AmerTemplate errors
2010-10-11 Islam AmerTemplate error
2010-10-11 Islam AmerSyntax error
2010-10-11 Islam AmerFirst stab at actual diff
2010-10-09 Islam AmerInitial import