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2010-08-13 Javier S. Pedrotrivial click on preedit detection
2010-08-13 Javier S. Pedroproperly emit preedit-* signals
2010-08-13 Javier S. Pedrochanging order of show im and update context information
2010-08-13 Javier S. Pedroadding a field with enabled autocorrection in inputtest
2010-08-08 Javier S. Pedrohandle update_preedit message
2010-08-08 Javier S. Pedroyet another large commit
2010-08-01 Javier S. Pedroremoving more unneeded files
2010-08-01 Javier S. Pedrocompleting xlib->qt key event conversion
2010-07-13 javierRemoving useless files.
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