Update the gcs yaml and spec files.
[meego-garage:garage-client-services.git] / rpm / garage-client-services.spec
2010-07-19 Jackie WuUpdate the gcs yaml and spec files.
2010-05-06 Jackie WuUpdate the yaml and spec files. 0.0.1-MeeGo1.0-integration 0.0.1-obs-integration
2010-05-05 Jackie WuAdd yaml and change spec file to follow spectacle.
2010-05-04 Mateu BatleMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:meego-garage...
2010-05-04 Jackie WuAdd postun scripts to the spec file
2010-04-30 Jackie WuAdd QtMobility in dependency in the rpm spec file.
2010-04-20 Mateu BatleMerge branch 'appstatuscache'
2010-04-16 Jackie WuAdd rpm spec file for packaging.